Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To All The Liars Of The World

Continuing Yesterday's venture , of returning to the womb. We have to take several steps. I will give an example, my own example. It was when I was small. I was a joker, which means, I would crack jokes and make everybody laugh and sometimes, it included lies too. But as I grew older, I do not know, how I outgrew out of it, but I didn't feel anything funny about these jokes. I completely stopped it. But the sad part was, the lies returned to me amd was repaid in the same coin. Since I hadn't done much damage with lie jokes, I had to bear only a few but the consequences of it extended my whole life. I had to live with people who only lied or averse to truth. I was shocked. How did this happen? Then I knew, my destimy was conmected to lies. Either, I totally abstain from lies and reach my destination without casualty or churn around this mess of lies I have already created and go on creatimg more of it. You might think, lies is O.K. But believe me, its better to die than to lie. I ask my students, family members, friends, to consciously abstain from lies. Imagine, you have not done any wrong, but if our loved one lies against us, how would you feel? Its not a happy situation, isn't it. But if it doesn't stop there and become a chain reaction from all corners of our life, how do you feel and that too life long? That is what I am saying. What has been done cannot be undone, but you have this moment onwards, try to be truthful. If a circumstance arise and you cannot speak the truth, then just shut your mouth and avoid the consequence. So please please do not lie.
I had abstained from lying simce class seven that is when I was twelve years. It is not very easy. Sometimes, truth is weirder than fiction, no one would believe us. But I say its worth it. You become an ascetic. You would not have anyone to blame because God would give the wisdom to you and you would know, whatever bad is happening, its because of your own action. "
Now when we are facing global warming , whom are we blaming?
Because we know, we cut forests without care , we used carelessly water, soil, minerals, etc... Polluted all our resources, resulting in this critical situation. So now, all are striving together to save nature, that means we are all trying to rectify our past mistakes. Likewise, we have already lied a lot. If you have not lied, then its O.K. But for the rest of the liars, please beware, you would never be able to face the consequences, unless you stop it. So the first step towards the journey to the womb and not to the tomb is, Don't Lie. I think that would be enough for today.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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