Sunday, July 28, 2013

Think Twice Before You Act

Today I happened to watch the world premiere of Ashiqui 2, a bollywood movie. Everything was good, the story line, the acting, direction, cinematography. I really was awed by the picturisation of the alcoholic. It was really superb. But in the end, it got broke, it got flopped. According to the thought process of an alcoholic, yes, he might commit suicide, but a movie maker, who, holds many a people's expectation, should have channelized the weakened attitude of the alcoholic to the path of victory . But unfortunately, he didn't. I was disappointed, because its marketing, was done ages before. So there might be lakhs of viewers, who might be an addict of something, which he is unable to break. So the chances of him committing suicide is more. Is it what we should wish of others?

Its like escaping, running away from your faults.

I believe in the strength of human mind, his will power. I will give an apt example, An Indian dancer, named Sudha Chandran, met with a road accident and one of her legs had to be amputated. Imagine, a dancer, without a leg. She was devastated? She could have gone into her own cocoon and wallowed in her grief. That is what we all do, isn't it? But she chose not to grieve for her lost limb. What she lost os lost forever, by grieving, she would not be able to bring it back. She fitted herself with an artificial limb, she practiced to walk, run and at last dance. Yes, she danced, until her wounded leg bled. There are people, who have no limbs at all, but still they live, they do all their work, without any help from others. Why is it like that? Because they choose it. And in the end, they achieve it. If you want something great to happen in your life, then choose that great thing in your heart and strive to get it. Have the patience, persistence, courage and faith in your self. Then it will happen.

The alcoholic s in the alcoholic groups have chose to quit their addiction. Its a great step. But it shouldn't end there. Try to reach the finish line. I know, its not easy. But remember, we all have the power to make things happen, of whatever we wish for. So don't you ever think, you are incapable, or a loser. No, you are a winner, but you should choose it, that's all. Don’t take the drastic step of suicide because you will have to be born again and start all over again, from childhood to oldage, with a much much more difficult situation. So think twice before you act. It is your choice.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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  1. I absolutely agree, there are alcoholics who get into rehab because they want to change themselves. It depends all on a person's will power