Friday, July 19, 2013

The War of Kurukshetra

Sorry, yesterday, I wasn't able to talk much, as sleep was trying to overcome me, I had only one thought, bed.
But there is one thing, which I don't understand, why we should sleep?
Yeah, I know, good for health, etc..But why should nature create such a state for all its living creation on this Earth? Have you wondered it?
Well wonder it now.
Actually, in the Bible, I have not seen a literal sleeping of Jesus, well there is, this sleeping in the boat part, but other than that, nothing, saying slept at night. But why is it like that? Is it not very important?
Hmm.. actually, we will have to think about it.
Sleep, hmmmm. I love it. And I feel, you people too like it, don't you? Do you know why?
Because we are dead to the world for some time, that means, we get a chance to forget our sorrows, hurts, losses, whatever bad we are facing will be dead for sometime. But, do you know its not healthy?
To cover our problems in sleep? Do you know problems are good for us?
No.. seriously, I am not kidding. Its true. You know, the most pure gold gets more price. And hoe do we purify gold? By melting it. Do you think, it would be easy a path for the gold? I don't think so. But once it has gone through that melting part, it is finished. Likewise, in our lives, problems help us get purified, to make us priceless. You know that purifying part is usually done, when we are free, after our commitments are fulfilled. It is that time, when we think, when the mind clashes with our soul. After the big battle, actually, have you heard of Mahabharath, where a war wages with the Pandavas and Kauravas, that is this war, the war of the mind and soul. In order to overcome evil, we will have to get the help from power above, then we come to a state, where, we forgive, those who have hurt us, humiliated us. Then we get to sleep our physical body day by day. So that we can stop a second birth to this world, with all the problems, we had covered with sleep and start all over again. So better face your problem buddy. I for one would not want a repeat performance of this life, that's a sure bet.
hunger, hurt, anger, happiness, elation, dresses, money, what all things we need to look or go through every day. No kidding baba. I am no game. Sorry.
Can I pass a secret?
I don't waste time, thinking of all the people who hurt me. You know, my policy is, you reap, what you sowed, which means, if not in this life, I might have done, a lot of mistakes in my previous lives. So I am entitled to whatever hurts and humiliations I get. So then, are there anyone to blame for my situation? None, just me. So, the problems, I have to take it head on, then and there. Do you think I have any choice in the matter? No. So, I do not have to carry any baggages for the night. At least, I can sleep, right?
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye .

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