Friday, July 12, 2013

The Day I Became Deaf

Four days back I became both deaf and dumb for 12 hours. Actually, the doctor gave me the privilege to be deaf. I do not know, how it happened, but one fine evening my both ears got infected and it was very painful to even touch my ears. Don't ask me how because, this is the first time, I had the opportunity to have an appointment with an ENT. Anyway, the said doctor was very knowledgeable about my disease, he immediately squeezed half a tube of medicine, into my ear and started closing it with gauze tightly and covered it with cotton, the same he did for the other ear too, luckily he had told me before closing the ear, the other procedures to follow after returning home. After packing my ear, I have never seen a mpre silent hospital, the place had thousands of out patients, but it was pin drop silence. I was completely shut down from the world, when I murmur, the sound vibrated inside me. I couldn't hear any noise. It was so good. I didn't have to be alert or bother about any phone calls, added to that I had high temperature. So it was perfect. I reached home, my family spoke to me, questioned me and I didn't have to answer, because I couldn't hear them. The tantrums of my kids or my family members were all lost, there was actually no tension, no expectation, no planning. It was a beautiful world in me. After 12 hours, the pack was removed from my ears. At that moment, the noise, the questions, the air, the sounds made me feel, that I was ripped off my cocoon. Only then I knew, how lucky the deaf and dumb are. They actually not missing anything, but we are the real losers. They are enjoying life and we struggling, each moment of our day to survive. It's sad to say, that its simply scaring, this world of noise and sound. I was womdering, whether we have any congregation, who shuts their ears from the outside world, like there are convents and monastries, who abstain from talking. But I suggest, the easiest method to stop talking or stop getting angry, is by closing the ear and become deaf to the world. Its always a good practice to close ears at least 2 hours daily. So that we know our inner silence, the power of being silent, how much waste words and sentences, we are using daily. And above all, you would get an awareness of the real you inside. Do you have the courage to check?
O.K. See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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