Saturday, July 6, 2013

Daily Life Crucifixion

Yesterday, I told not to be angry, right, bit I missed on one thing, don't think you are solely to blame for anger, people are there for sure, but for those people, you should have the courage to forgive. While I am saying this, I was thinking of the trial, persecution and crucifixion of Jesus.
Why was He brought to trial and all the atrocities he had to take. Do you know? Or I will ask differently, did he do any wrong to get a death sentence? We all know, he was innocent, when Pontious Pilate washed his hands off innocent blood. Anyway, we are not going into the reason, but we are going into the attitude of Jesus, the disciple Judas betrayal, all the disciples fleeing away from him, when He needed them most, disciple Peter, denying Jesus, all the people, who saw his miracles, who might have been the recepients of his healing touch or some of His miracle too shouted 'crucify him'. How might have Jesus felt, but He didn't utter a word and before death, He asked God to forgive all the people who hurt Him, saying, they do not know, what they are doing. Its the truth, if we know the enormity of our wrong, thoughts, words and acts, will we do it? I won't for sure. And I know, you too would do the same. But if all these atrocities were on us, we would have killed an extra two and abused the lot. But that should not happen in our daily life crucifixion. Accept it silently, whatever hell we raise, it would not be heard, but if we just bear it and shut our bloody mouth, the only thing we can do is really forgive them. I know, its not easy, but, give it a try, you would feel wonderful and different. That is when we resurrect.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye

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