Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Child on the Seashore

There is one thing I forgot to say, I was saying about my life's miracles, talents which I loved to have and fears, which was transformed to give me an identity. Which means, all human race have this. Even nature too have it.
You are a bit skeptical about nature, right? Well I will explain.
One of my friend's father was a pearl diver. I was simply awed by the profession. It was during this time that we had a lesson about oysters. Do you know the specialty of oysters?
Its just like you and me, simple living being. And in its system, there is no option of producing pearls like apples and oranges from trees. Then how did it produce pearls?
A small grain of sand. You know that oyster has no legs, its just a piece of meet and we see it in water. So while moving, if a small grain of sand enters into its shell, it has no way to take it off, but it is not comfortable with a grain of sand. So it starts producing some hormones and covers the grain of sand and it continues this process, until it becomes large enough to push it, so as it rolls off from its body and relieve itself from discomfort. But, sadly, the oyster doesn't know, the thing that rolled out from its body is priceless, the more the time it takes to form the pearl, the higher the price.
So this is an example from nature to show that, there are lots of things we are uncomfortable. Don't just hate your self for that, try to transform that uneanted element to the most precious element of you. Sometimes, your unwanted trait might be your asset.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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