Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Beginning of the End

The old generation look down at the new generation kids with disdain. For them, the newbies are good-for-nothing. They have no responsibility, non punctual, no sense of direction, goalless, shallow minded and above all insensitive. So with this in mind, I was walking to work, when a mother was rushing her two kids, a son, 7 years old and daughter 5 years old. But what made me watch this trio was, the boy was walking bagless, while the daughter was carrying her own burden, who had difficulty in keeping pace with her mother. I really felt anger boiling against the mother, who was carrying the burden of the son. At that moment, I got the shock of my life, when the boy, slowly took the bag of his sister without her asking his help and without the knowledge of his mother. I felt so proud of him, a seven year old showing sensitivity, understanding, whatever. It was a jolting experience.
You might want to know, why?
I could be put myself in the category of older generation. During our time, this sensitivity of helping our siblings was forced upon us, but the newbies are given the freedom that they can behave as they deem fit. So this act of kindness towards ones own sibling, which is a rare trait, shows that attitudes have changed. Movies or not, cartoons or not, video games or not, there has come a good change from within which could transform the society as a whole.
I know you might be thinking, how can one boy become the measure for the whole society.
True, but if a mango has to ripe, it should start from some part of the fruit. If a seed has to become tree, it should begin with the first root and leaf, likewise, the boy could be the starting point. Anyway, I am crossing my fingers, so that this world of corruption, deceit, lies, etc... end quickly.
In short, the world ends and a new world comes, where there would be no tears, corruption or hatred. A world where all are happy. Does it ring any bell?
Exactly, the long awaited end of the world has already begun. For a new day and a new Earth. Don't think the world is going to end with water or meteors falling from the sky or earthquakes. All this would happen within us, we break the rock of the ego.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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