Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Six feet Soil

Two days back, I met my cousin brother. So he was speaking about his work place. The atmosphere his higher ups create for the lower employees was the highlight. He said, how a new employee was treated when he made a mistake. The gentleman was warned, at that time another superior officer joined hands with this superior, saying, he did the dame before and the other superiors too joined. Its so humiliating to be working under such idiot supervisors. But I do not understand, how educated people could behave like that. I have heard, education refines man. Here I feel, it has refined the human heart and left intact the animal instincts for the rest of the society to tolerate.
I have worked in different places and the attitude of the people are different at different circumstances. When they are far from home, out of state or country, people tend to be accommodating, understanding and helpful. No harassment or anything and these people when they come to their home town, they do not change. They are the same. But those people who have never gone outside their home town has less experience of the difficulties faced by a person.
One should face problems, to understand others difficulties. That is when we become human.
Hameed had to undergo a minor surgery and his best friend Danny came and spoke about every topic, except surgery. The surgery was successful. Years later, Danny had to undergo the same surgery, at that time, Hameed spoke about the surgery quite elaborately, etc.. preparing Danny to face the operation with courage and open eyes.

Why did I say this story?
Whatever we are, wherever we are and whoever we are, we do not stay as such, we will have to move on, we will have to grow. As we grow, our old space is taken up by our subordinates. During the time we are in that post, we train them for our post, by our behaviour, by our attitude to our work, to our colleagues. Our goodness should be passed to others and the best way to pass, is by being kind to our co workers.

In real life, there is no differentiation between any two human being, as rich or poor, superior or subordinate, master or slave, black or white, etc..because we all are one in soul. When we die, all our education qualifications, job designations, riches, name and fame all are buried in 6 feet soil. The only thing that counts, is our goodness, our actioms, our attitudes, that we have done in our lifetime.

If you have generously passed on goodness then you are lucky or else, start now or else, you will have to face all the bad actions you gave to others unto yourself. Are you ready for that?

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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