Monday, July 8, 2013

Return to the Womb

I am really awed by the silence of my readers, when I spoke about breaking he narriers of religion. There is one thing to reiterate all religions have a core ideal and that is love. It is to this we have to reach. That is what our goal is eternal bliss and the means to reach it is through sacrifice.

When I write this, the chances of physically sacrificing is what you might think. But it is a big No. I will give an apt example. Usually, the epitome of sacrifice is mother. When she cooks, she looks into all the likes and dislikes of her husband, her children, grand children, etc. So its a happy home. Here she gives away her likes and dislikes for the happiness of her family, that is what I mean sacrifice. Likewise, we too have to saxrifice by returning to our birth state. Do you remember the day you were born? I know you don't, even I too don't but my mother told, I had just the cry and my breath, that's all. We will have to return to that state, with all our being and forgive me for being frank.( The naked part is not included, O.K?) For that state of no ambitions, no hatred, no jealousy, just that smile to all, etc... to be achieved you will have to make very big sacrifices, to be the perfect being of pureness. I know its unachievable and next to impossible. But the best part of human nature is conquer the unconquerable, achieve the unachievable, make the impossible, possible.

If you are able to achieve it, which I have been trying to gain step by step would help you reach the goal of our existence - Eternal Bliss. Can I ask one question? Did it ring any bells? There is a verse in the Bible stating that unless you are born again, you would not enter the Kingdom of God.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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