Saturday, July 20, 2013

Meet the President

Today I was thanking God, from the very bottom of my heart, that a drop of tear or two escaped my eyes.
For what?
That's the miracle, the beauty of life, the beauty of being human. You would feel it, when you stand in my place. If I may be frank, you might even howl your eyes out. That much big a miracle has happened to me. Now the miracle, I had written three books. I love all three, two are published, one is a romantic, " Follow The Heart & Time Your Tide " and the second is for children as well as for elders. The name, " Why Should You Love Your Parents ".The third is a family book, I have not named it. But I would surely do it. But there is one important necessity for every book, beauty, it should blend into the hearts, that work is done by the editor. I am a writer, but not an editor. Since I am not famous as a writer, I did not know whom to ask. So the best option with me was, ask God for the right person. I did. It was ages ago. Since there wasn't anybody coming, I did the necessary corrections and published. I got a new job quite accidentally near to my home, just walking distance. I joined and my colleague, Nisha, a very powerful lady, very much straight forward, helped me understand the nuances of the job. Day before yesterday, when we were free, I showed my ebook, she read the first page, immediately she asked, who edited it?
I said, no one.
Then I showed my blog, there too she said the same.
I asked her, would you be able to edit my works? I waited with bated breath.
She replied, 'Yes' with a broad smile. You know, at that very moment, I with my heart just flew off to say thank you to God. At that time, that single yes, was the best gift a human could give to another. That is what we call a miracle. I didn't have to search, call or enquire for an editor. She was gifted to me, on a silver platter. So today, when I went to meet God, I naturally had to thank Him, right? The only difference was, it came from the very bottom of my heart. Now, I would have left it out like that, but in connection to this incident, I happened to watch a Hindi movie, "My Name is Khan". In that movie, there is a part where the hero wishes to meet the president of America. Its not possible, unless you are famous. As he travels to meet the president, he goes through several hurdles, which we feel unfair. But in the end, he gets to meet he president in a grand way. This grand way happened because, the hero went through so much hurdles, he was patient while facing the storm. He didn't run away. He invested his complete self to the people around in whatever situation he was put and thus ended in this grand finale.
Seeing this picture I felt, hurdles are not happening because we are making mistakes, its because we are in the right track. We are being prepared for the grand surprise. Live your life and be happy.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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