Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jesus, the only way to God

Hiiii I know, I have gone a bit weird, when I told that there is a way to reach God. But its true. We have it, the religion of christianity shows it, through Jesus.
No I'm not joking, Jesus is the way, truth and light.
You might want to know, how,
When you read the Bible, there are so many meanings, which is too complicating. But I'm not going into that part. We just need to know the way to God. Its through Jesus.
That doesn't mean you will have to die on the cross. No, but you will have to go through the hardships like that of Jesus.I will give an
Naina is a software engineer, she has family, good job, name, fame, whatever one can dream is all there. She was happy and contented. But one day, one of her software she created to one of the famous companies crashed the whole system, all their entry got lost. She couldn't rectify the problem. She lost her job. Her family ridiculed her. There was no one for her to share her sorrows. She was totally alone. The society laughed at her, they whispered behind her. She was humiliated and ridiculed, by one and all. Then she knew, the name, fame, money, job, family can go with a blink of an eye. She sighed, no one was there at her left or right, so she looked up to heaven for help. And the help came in the form of a young software student, Sunny. He was an ardent fan of Naina, So he checked her program and found the root cause, a small word, inserted in one of the lines. He removed it and the software worked properly, retrieving all the lost data too. Then it was found that her rival had done this, to destroy her. He was jailed and Naina was reinstated into the job, with a better salary, but she was a changed person, because she went through the cross, the path Jesus showed.
Here, Naina went the way of the cross, she was stripped of her ego, humiliated, rebuked, ridiculed, it was like lashing and crowning with thorns, when her family too insulted it was the final nail on the cross. This brought a realization, what we have in this world is temporary, we have to be with God to be permanently happy. That is when she resurrected, God sent His angel through Sunny and help remove the block and lo behold, Naina was resurrected from the temoorary happiness to eternal bliss.
We go through several of these types of incidents in our daily life, you go through it patiently because we cannot reach God, without having the full knowledge that we are not living for this world. And the world would strip you with such ferocity, that you would be aghast, when you see the change from the very eyes, you thought were your loved ones, don't worry, just like Jesus' last prayer, 'Forgive them Father, They do not know what they are doing'.
The sad part is, Jesus showed it in the maximum magnitude omce, but we habe to go through this cross several times a day till he ery end of our life. Best of luck guys and for me too.

I hope you understood.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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