Sunday, July 21, 2013

In the World Stage, Who are You?

Today I do not know what to write. I feel I have covered almost all topics. But seeing this nature, we know one thing, there are loads of information, still untouched and I am no person to know about it. No wonder, someone told, we are just a child, standing agape at the seashore seeing the vast ocean.
If we are literally the child on the seashore, do we have any credibility of our knowledge of the ocean?
If ever we have, how much do we have? a pittance, just like a grain of sand. So is it worth being proud of?
But, just because we are the child and the ocean is big, do you think, we should be idle and let it be as it is?
I don't think so. We should have an attitude to know more. As we gain that attitude, we would know, just like the nature, we too are not shallow. We would never strut, just because we are earning a good salary, just being highly qualified or having, beauty and brains or brawns and brains, whatever. The best quality a mam should possess is humility.
What is humility?
The thought or the feeling that whatever you are, there is nothing to boast of compared to the nature or to the ocean. It was long back, I read this story. Once there was a rich man in a small village. He owned a big house, land, cattle, etc... .He always boasted about it. One day a sage happened to pass by the village and accidentally met a group of people conversing under a tree. He went near them and foumd this rich man boasting about his riches and the area of land he had, etc.. The sage too sat under the tree for sometime. But the rich man didn’t stop his bragging. So the sage intervened and produced a country map and asked, 'Son, which state are you living? The rich man readily pointed the state and the sage continued, would you be able to show me the place? The rich man showed him easily.
The sage continued, oh, then it would be easy to show the land you own.
The rich man looked at the sage and nodded in the negative and spoke shamefacedly. I am sorry sir, my land is not shown in the map.
Why not? Since you have a lot of land, naturally, it should be listed.
Then the rich man knew how small he owned. From that day onwards, he never bragged about his wealth.
So try to gain more but don't gloat about it. You are simply a babe, when you get to see other people, who have had geater achievements. Just enjoy life and be simple and humble.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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