Monday, July 15, 2013

I Became A Singer

O.K. So you might be womdering what miracles happened in my life. Well, don't get too surprised, you can call me a miracle child, oops.. sorry, woman.
Do you know that I didn't have a voice to sing. Even now, the voice is same, if I have to sing an octave, I'll have to unseat myself to get that stage, you know, raise from myself up with my sound. No, its no joke. But the sad part is, I love music. I love to sing, anyway I can praise myself, that I do perform well, when in bathroom, that's a commendable achievement, right? Hmmmm. But I didn't want to stop myself there. But where do I start? As far as my resources goes, it starts in the boarding and end in the boarding. So if ever I want to learn a song, who has no talent, then forget the thought. But that is when miracle happened.

You know in boardings, everyone are made to sing, whether you liked it or not. Since, I loved it, I gave my best shot. I was selected to sing for the church choir, its shocking, right? Well, it was not only for me but for the real singers too -A very big shock. How come, I got a chance? I didn't know. This happened when I was twelve years old. All the other members were seniors. Since I was the youngest, I had to stand in front, near the pianist, who was unfortunately, my boarding mistress, eeeeee. It was indeed scaring and the funny part is, I had to lead the song. Just imagine, a non entity leading a group of lead singers. Do you think they would accept hands down? You guessed it right, a big No. And the taunts started, they started openly criticizing and all my friends became enemies. So for the next practice session, I took the very back seat, so that no one noticed, there was a person, named Meena. But after many takes, the boarding mistress, started her firing session. All sat quite, you know, its better to stay low, when you are at the receiving end. Since, I was not planning to be in the choir, I didn't even learn the song. I waited for the sister to continue. So that, I am able to relieve myself from singing, but then, some miracles have to over stay their welcome, whether we wish it or not. After that stillness, the question boomed, "Where is Meena? " I really fainted out of fright. Imagine, me being called by my name? I went to the front. "Start the song "
My heart literally stopped, how am I to sing? She knew I was goofing around. She gave nice thrashing on my hand and continued, "If there is a song, stand beside me. I hicupped and nodded. You might wonder why.
I too didn't know then, but at least the children accepted me as an integral part of the song because I had sense of music, even if anyone makes a mistake, I won't. It's incredible, right? That is the beauty of doing what we do with hard work, a lot of love and a beautiful miracle. I competed and won many prizes, with a booming sound and a sense of music. So take time for God, He would not deny anything, that doesn't mean He obliges everything, eh?
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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