Monday, July 29, 2013

Home Alone?

In all religions, to kill is wrong. But I have thought, only a very few would have the courage to kill another person. So why God bothered or let me rephrase it, why religion included this law, into our daily life?
But as life took me to wide experiences, the meaning of killing gained great depth. In the movie home alone, there is a part, where the boy says, 'I do not want a family.' Here only the mother hears, she is hurt. If the family had heard it, they would naturally hate the boy, just like we put a killer in jail, out of society. The first part is about the boy asking help, which no one bothers to acknowledge or help. He is also humiliated, which explodes as hatred towards the whole family resulting in killing the whole family in the small heart.
I hope you understood what killing really means?
Its hatred. Hatred doesn't kill another person, it kills us. If I hate my brother, nothing happens to my brother, the real killing takes place in us. Anger clouds decision. Anger generates disease, anger doesn't allow development of any form, financially, spiritually, physically, etc.... Angry person would have no friends. He would be a loser for life because he would be in his own jail.
And all people are angry in an hourly basis, which means we are losers. Since I have made you aware, the consequences of anger, consciously stop anger, before it arrives. It wouldn't be easy, when one of the apostle Judas betrayed Jesus, He should have been angry. But He didn't, why?
Because anger deviates from the very goal of life. The people who make us angry are in fact really helping us to purify ourselves.
Its true, I am not kidding. When a sculptor makes a statue, he cuts, chips, grinds, smoothens the stone with many tools, if the stone had any sensation, it would literally howl with pain and be angry with the sculptor for causing it. But if the sculptor doesn't do the necessary corrections, then how would the statue gain perfection?
So when people hurt you, just think, they are the sculptors, who are helping us gain perfection. Then you would never be angry with anyone, thus abstaining from killing.Or else you would end up Home Alone.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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