Friday, July 26, 2013

Excerpt of Why Should You Love Your Parents

You would get the power only if you prove yourself, in this world.

What is there to prove, Rafael?

That you can connect the physical you and the spiritual God.

But, we won't be able to do it.

Why Ajay?

Sorry Rafael, don't think, I'm stubborn. Its simply because, we don't even know the basics of getting connected with God other than pray and I have been doing that since I was a baby and until now, God is unseen and unknown to me.

Thank you for being frank Ajay, prayer is indeed the first step to reach God, but there is one thing you should know, before you start the journey in connecting your self with God.

What is it Rafael?

Your actions and thoughts from the very birth, to the last breath of your life would be written clearly in your spiritual body.

Do you mean to say that, whatever in my mind, like thoughts, hurts, hatreds, anger, everything would be written in our spirit?

Yes children, everything, in the sense, everything, actions, words, dreams, aspirations, attitudes, etc..etc..

Why should it be written in our spirit Rafael?

These writings are the main factors which decide, how fast we will get connected to God our creator. Shall I say a secret, a quick route to get connected to God?

Yes please Rafael.

Keep your spirit clean of any writings, nothing, like no hatred, no dreams, no aspirations, no hurts, sadness. Only goodness in thoughts and actions.

But that's impossible, only small babies and mentally ill or retarded people can keep their spirit clean.

Exactly Raj, that is why sages and hermits went to the Himalayas, the nuns and priests lived in seclusion, to keep their spirit clean of any writings. Now there is one other fact you should note,

What is it Rafael?

When a writing has already been done on your spirit by an action or thought, it will return to you, I'll give an example, you help your brother in his homework or told a truth, where you could have told a lie, all these would be written in your spirit and a circumstance would come later, when you really need a help and no one is there who knows you, but mark my word, a very big help from an unknown place from an unknown person, will be right there for you. When you are judged with lies, there would be a powerful truth awaiting you making you a hero. It all happens because of the goodness in what you had done and thought. So try to good, whenever circumstance allows you, it would be a deposit for future.

I thought deposit are for money and gold.

If you are in a plane, if a danger occurs in the sky, will this money help?

No, Rafael.

When you are in a bus and someone robs you, what will you do, can you get back, what you lost?

No, we can't, we can only complain to the police, that's all.

Exactly, but if you have a deposit in your spirit, by doing good actions, then you will not have to face problems at all, no mishaps of any sort will occur and if any problems or mishaps occur, the angel in the form of person would be sent to you, to help you out. So, try to accumulate as much good actions and thought deposit, to your spiritual self as possible, O.K?

No wonder, I saw this writing on a charity box, 'donation saves you from danger'. Now I understand why.

“But how come, we do not know anything about it, Rafael? About, we as spirit, about doing good and it would return to you?"

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