Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don’t Insult God

Basically my upbringing was of a spiritual trend than the normal live and jive. Don't think it was purposely done. When a lady is given a convent education, then prayer is a part and parcel of the education, along with all the disciplinary life style. Waking up at 5.30 in the morning and go to church for the mass at 6 was not a very happy ritual then. But rules are always rules, when you are living under their supervision.
I have always thought, why prayer. It was so boring. I literally slept through mass, my whole of my growing stage till high school, after that I became seniors, which would not be a good practice. For the outside world, we go to church, pray morning, afternoon, evening. So we should naturally be God's pet. But is it true, that by always praying and going to church or temple or mosque can get you into the good books of God?
Well, I can surely say, No.
My son, he is averse to long prayers. But his grandma has a long list of prayer, which would naturally be good for the family. As a respect to my mother, I do not deny any of her wishes concerning prayer. But I really do feel sad, as she doses off between prayer and my son, during this sleep break speeds off this prayer session.

Do you know, when we are praying, God is with us? looking at us with a smile? very happy to hear what we have to say to Him? Imagine the shock, he would have, when we insult Him by dosing off or speeding, so that it is completed before the movie starts or to fulfill thousand other things. Remember God is the creator, not someone like us. You might not have time, good, but if you are planning to pray, give your self whole heartedly to prayer, to be with God. Either pray or don't pray. Don’t insult God. He is your creator and not the other way. Give time for God and see the miracle because He is always waiting to answer your prayer, whatever it may be.
I take this opportunity to beg forgiveness to God for unknowingly insulting Him through prayer. I try my level best to make my family understand the mistake, but you know, family. Only a spiritual guru can make them understand. So let them learn by trial and error. Can I add one more thing? I feel it might be these continuous prayers in school lead God to intervene at every turn of my life and the miracles happened is simply mind blowing. So prayer is very important in life.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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