Saturday, July 27, 2013

Don't Compromise on Dreams

Could you please explain the best sights of the place?
That would be the first question any tourist would ask before he plans to go to any destination. Which includes both you and me. But this question was directed to me. That really was a question, isn't it?
Usually we don't bother about the details of our own places. You know, the place I live is a tourist hot spot and I have not seen most of it. But I have visited several places out side our place. I really felt ashamed. Because I am a story weaver, when I say about a place, I try to give the story behind it, that's interesting isn't it?
Yes I know because, along with my writing, I also organise tours. Just for a living. That is necessity. Do you know, before getting this job, I was planning to take up a job because my mom was very sick. So I was unable to return to my well paid job. So I set my conditions, of my job and I attended two interviews too. They were willing to have me, but some or he other conditions could not be fulfilled. So I declined to accept their offer. All were having second thoughts except me, because I knew, I would give my best, so I am entitled to all the perks of a good employee. I waited and after two days, my friend called me and asked, whether I am interested to take up a job, near my home. Just imagine, me walking to work? That was one of my requisites. And along with that all the other perks and much more were brought on my door step. So what does this mean?
Have an idea what you want in life. If you are a spiritual person, then you do not have physical needs but for others, who have needs, don't just stand there and say, God will provide. You know, for whatever to happen, there is a correct time. We do not know that. But God knows. Sometimes, some good things could be denied due to our past bad behaviour, which blocks it to come to us and that might cause a delay in our smooth running of our lives. So, before taking a decision, let your soul, understand your need, in normal words, we say pray and have faith in your need and no matter what, believe that you will get it. Then, believe it or not, you would not only get all your wishes fulfilled but also some bonus gifts too will be added just for you to jump with glee.
So next time, don't compromise on your requisites. But don't be a burden to your family. Its your resources, you will have to use and not your parents money. Its hard earned money, don't squander it to fulfill your wishes. And don't go behind easy money, that money is illegal, which means, the people working behind is snaring you to their web and ultimately you reach in jail, as they need some scape goats to cover up their shady business. So its your choice, whether you work hard and fulfill your own dreams or be a burden to the family and society and end up in jail.
But if your wishes are a necessity to you, then, don't worry, you would never have to spend a single penny.
Why? Because, that is how your soul works, which means, the soul sends the signals to God, which in the end would be fulfilled.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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