Friday, July 5, 2013

Control Anger

Hii I just covered three religion because, they have more followers, bit that doesn't mean that the other religions are less prominent.
Now, we go the next step.
How do we get into the act of finding God.
I told it is through Jesus.
That is also fine, but, still, there are lots of details, which we have to cover and the first thing is you.
Yes you.
You have to do lots of pruning to do, which means, clearing all the unwanted things of you.
First and foremost, control your urges.
Yes, urges, like cravings.
The first urge is anger.
You know, now a days all are angry. I do not know why? But that one urge should be completely out. Can you do it?
I know, its not easy because I have a hard time controlling mine.
But do try, it would make a lot of difference. Don't swalow anger, that's not the way to do it. Look at the source of anger in another perspective.
Find out, why an act , makes you angry, if you can find its root cause, which is in you, then you are lucky. Because, anger is created for you to block you in reaching God.
You know when Jesus was taken by the soldiers after betrayal, one of his disciples cut he ear of the high priest's servant.
Do you remember, what Jesus did? He spoke strongly, saying, those who take the sword, will end under a sword. So you know, how much important it is to remove anger.
No one can make you angry, only you can create it, that is the first thing, you should note. So don't blame anyone for that, O.K. Now analyze it.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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