Monday, July 22, 2013

Change Life's Course

Actually, if I think about my life, I find, its a repetition of what I had in my younger life, a pampered life style, where I do not have to get into a bus or have to work hard and the worst part of all is, whatever I need has been provided for me, but unfortunately, not by me, but still my parents. For me, its humiliating. You know why? I earn, but it doesn't serves my purpose. What a waste? Then where does it go? That is the tragedy, to the needy, which is not me, according to my destiny. But can't I change it? Like I am able to use my money?
I really do wish, to break this cycle, but how do we get to do it? I really don't know. But I am surely going to try finding it. If you guys have any ideas, be free to voice it.
Since all things in nature works in the same way, in cycles, we have no choice, but to accept the fact that we cannot change.
But I am not a person, who would like to sit idly and allow my destiny to take its course. I am going to fight this unfairness. You know for me, at least I have a roof above my head and a meal in my plate, where I can sleep without fear. But what about others? That is very unfair. Well put on your seat belts, we are going to go through the details of destiny.

There are certain external circumstances, that breaks this cycle. Now, in the poles (North Pole and South Pole), do you think its out of the perview of our nature?
No, you are just right.
O. K. in the poles, there is a day, when it is completely a day and no night and there is a night which is completely night and no day. Don't think I have gone there, no, its all part of education. Now in the place we live, seasons change, that we have seen many times. But do you know, time changes, have you seen? No I have not. But the scientists have kept tag of it. So its a relief, isn't it to know, that this nature is not working in military specification.

The next step, how do you put that special circumstance into our destiny. You know, our destiny is also connected to what we do of our given life? Well, that is where we are going to intervene. If you are presented with a new car, it lasts according to the way you keep it. Timely servicing and maintenance, no reckless driving, etc...etc... can help you last the vehicle a bit longer, but is that enough, we need something more like, our vehicle be up to date with technology. Would we be able to upgrade our vehicle? Yes, we can. Just like that, we have already created our destiny, but we are going to upgrade it, by sharing our abilities. Now, if you are a carpenter, you can give your best in work for your customers. It was long time back, to be frank many years back, when we bought our second home, my father was not alive and we kids were studying, at that time, our new home needed a renovation, to be specific, carpentry service. There was no one staying there at that time. So a carpenter was given the duty. We all know, without supervision, their service would be sub standard. But we had no choice, but to give free hand to the carpenter. We didn't hear him for two days and the third day evening, he came and asked for his payment and some extra money, for the purchase and he left. But after some months, we went to our new house and we found that the carpenter had not only done wood work but also some masonry and plumbing work too. I felt my eyes mist, you know, we were not expecting his work to be done properly, but he gave his best for a widow and her family. His work would be tagged and it woild be returned back to him manifold stronger. So that is how we will have to live. Give the best to the people around you, no show off please. It would not count. Well, now my money, I invested in the weak, the less educated, poor. They cannot pay for my services. And I am not expecting them too. But my services are not free. Its very very expensive and that would be paid, for sure, but how, well that you will have to wait and see. I knew from very young, my destiny was not good. But luckily, I had been given the opportunity to rectify it and I utilized it, to the maximum, helping others, whether family, friends or foes, if it is possible for me, I surely did it and I have never regretted it.
Don't think about your destiny. If ever you get an opportunity to help, don't throw it away because that is the way of the Supreme God to give the special circumstance to change your destiny.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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