Sunday, July 7, 2013

Break the Barrier of Religion

Now, imagine we have thrown away anger, we are without anger, no one can make you angry, Hurrah!!!!!! Hip.. hip.. Hurrah! !!! It's cool, isn't it?
Hmmmm.,... it is, but we have a long long way to go. We should break the barrier of religion. You might ask why?
I am not saying, you should unfollow any religion. I am requesting you to take the good of all religion.
Look at the world around, do you eat only traditional food? Have you ever tasted food other than your countries? The Chinese, the Indian, the french, Italian, American, the whole world habe different traditiomal meal, do you think, by eating other country's food, it would be treason. If so, then it's no use reading this blog. Look at the plants, we graft, we bud, we do genetic engineering to the seeds, why? Because we feel, the original seed cannot produce the desired result, so we take the good qualities from other seeds and merge into the one we have, do you know what that means, our seed is good, but there is something missing, our religion is right, but in order to gain ultimate fulfillment, we will have to take the initiative, that all mankind is one and no religion is there in the eyes of God. Just because, I am a Himdu, Muslim, Christian or Budhist or whatever, I do not get special preference. I have to earn my privileges. Even if I am a Pope or a Dalsi Lama, I cannot get my privileges, So, I request you guys, break the barrier of religion and embrace mankind as your own family, as brothers, sisters, grampa, gramma and love them as they are, that is the second most important thing you should learn to do. Am I asking too much? For me, it is a big yes, I feel it would take some time. So how much time do you need, to accept the world as one family? A week, a month, a year or a lifetime?
Don’t answer, if you are willing, you can accept within a moment, if you are undecided it crosses lives. Unless and until you accept it, you would never find God, even if Jesus shows the way. In this Universe, there is only one religion and that should be yours, mine and for all the people of the world. You all know it, but you have shut your heart against it. But I will have to say it and the choice to follow it is yours.The religion os Love, as in Love your neighbour as your self, love your parents, love poor, love the sick, when someone slaps on one cheek show the other, when someome asks for your coat, give your shirt, etc....its all love, the whole of Holy books is full of love. Have you that in you?
Hey guys, was I serious?
Then its O.K , because its serious business, out here.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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