Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Abstinence is strength

O. K. So now we are truthful. What next?
Hmm,. That's the problem. Its really a tangle of things, which we have to untangle. Well, we will take one at a time. What do you say about cravings?
I don't know whether you would believe it, but I am crazy with sweets. I love so much sweets that I could eat a quarter kilo of sweets within fifteen minutes. Even after I grew big, I had this craving. And every one used to scold me for eating so much sweets in a go. This made me think, why should I hear all these scoldings, so I quit eating sweets. When anyone offered sweets, I declined, but you know people, 'Meena don't act smart, we know you love sweets. why do you make so much scene?, etc..etc.. that is the contradiction of life. Don't get too screwed up on this. But you have a bigger goal, for that we surely have to stop this craving. You know, its very easy, the only thing is just be strong enough to have the will power to say no, when the craving raises its head. The smokers, drinkers, etc..etc...and me should strengthen this faculty of will power. I hope you know, what is will power. Its just the power to say no to liquor in a bar, where luquor is given freely, the power to stay indoors, when the weather is perfect for a cricket match, after a month of rain.

Now develop this will power, you know, the first parents were straight forward and innocent, they believed the devil was speaking the truth and ate the forbidden fruit, thus getting thrown from the garden. But years later, when Jesus arrived, he too was tempted by the devil with wealth, name, fame, whatever one thinks would make ones life successful. But Jesus declined, why? Because, He knew, these cravings are just our own creation to deviate us from our goal. So when next time, you have a craving, just say shut up and take a glass of water and drink, it can pacify the ego of your mind as well as take away the craving of you. After stopping several advances of cravings, you would become an ascetic, where you would get non attached to the root cause of misery, needs. The only thing is, these abstinence or stopping us forcefully from want with our will power, can get too much, as I told you earlier, people will be there to lovingly fufill your cravings. But, don't get deviated. Be persistent. Its really worth it. You would never regret it.
See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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