Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who Would Be Your Right Partner

Now we know, one facet of man, which signifies the half man, half woman idol of Lord Siva. Now, why is it necessary to be like this. Include both halves into one?

You guys are lucky, that I am not the creator. Better ask why. I would not even have  thought of a gender to begin with. O. K. Just joking, we can never create the perfection we see around even in a million years.

Now this half man half woman depicts two opposite characters. Yes, you thoight right, like magnets, North and South poles.

I have always thought, when we are planning to marry a person, we look at the compatability of the other person, how much similarities, both the partners have, and the maximum, the better. But in the system of nature, I think, the more the incompatibility, the stronger the bond, what do you guys think?

Its not my theory, eh. I'm just voicing, what I see. I too am confused with this idea, but still, that is the truth. We better analyze before someone makes any further mistakes in selecting the spouse.

The criteria our parents and grand parents look, while selecting a partner for marriage
A. Family background
B. Character
C. Education
D. Career
E. Financial security
Now when we take it in our own hands, we look, if the other person loves, then it is fine. Now, that is where the glitch is. Can love stay life long. Usually we have an old saying, Love is good until hunger strikes, then it would be the death of a relationship.
Anyway, I do not want to say the elders were not correct. But with my life and lots of lives in front of me. I made one conclusion, that it is always good to select a partner just our opposite, but we should have one thing, I mean, both the partners, they should be in real love, the all accepting love, all forgiving love, which we call, the romantic love, then as nature proved, unlike poles do attract and not repel. And no poeer could break it. But unfortunately and the sad part is, man is not capable of that, is he?
I really hope he is.
Now, there is this story of Sultan of Delhi, Shajahan, very smart, macho man, and his queen, Mumtaz. His position, religion, culture allows him to marry any number of women, but he just stayed with a plain looking short statured lady. What does that mean, if we have the right proportion of opposite characters with that of our partner, it can really result in successful union or if it is marriage, so be it. But how do we know the right proportion?
Don't ask me eh? Just joking, we'll find out, at least in any cookery blog, no problem.
You know, there is no measure or proportion, when it comes to union of souls, it just gets united with no measures or proportions, but it should be done with your heart and not with your brain.
Last day, while I was searching a house for me, I couldn't like any of the houses. Don't think,I'm too picky. O. K. Now to the real issue. I had gone through the same situation years back. You know, there are lots of people who snatches a good house. Usually to get a good house, is like searching a  needle in a hay stack. The time, energy and above all the patience, is what get tested. Luckily, at that time, I found one, exactly to my liking. It came to me after I went around a lot. Seeing the house, my cousins, friends, everyone commented about , how lucky I was, but actually, was I really lucky?
I don't think so. Yes, its a fact, wherever, we run, we have been allocated with lots of things, it would come to us no matter, how much we stop it or run away from it. Likewise, don't make haste, when you select your partner, it would come to you, exactly, that fit your criteria and that is the right  proportion of opposite character the partner would have with respect to ours. Be on the look out and wait,  patiently, you have a soul mate, believe that, then you would have a happily ever after life. Its cool isn't it?

But one thing, still remains, I have not yet found a house of my proportion.  (Smile )

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care,



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