Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Which Route?

Take Risk is easy to say, but do you know what you are taking risk from?

 deciding  between good and bad or black and white or yes and no, which means we are replanning our life.

If we are following the same route, there is no need for any thought, we can even reach destination closed eyes.

But in this type of life, there would be no room for growth, it would be stagnant, that is the time we take a decision, to cut a new path, it would not be easy. That is a bit risky, but still,if you are courageous to make the move, then, that would be a turning point to the path of success.

The lives of famous people proves it. Even Gods too proved that, taking risk can resurrect you from the dead. Yes you guessed it right, Jesus Christ. He took the decision to die on the cross and look what happened, he resurrected from the dead. That's impossible, right? But that's the beauty of taking risk, you making the impossible, possible, making yourself invincible. Isn't it cool?

Yeah, even I too think so. So let us follow the well trodden path of the great personalities like Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs,  the Crocodile hunter,  and many more unsung heroes, like the pilot who landed  unsung heroes who have made change  in their own field, in a small office or at home, Note the point, nobody started  grand, they all started from simple beginnings. That is easy to follow, isn't it, live your life as it comes,
Until then, take care.



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