Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What a Relief

How do you feel, when a long pending work is completed?

Relieved,  right.

That is what I felt today, Relief.

You know, Whatever the job you are in, this word has more importance than any other word. Don't you think?

Its like releasing the air from the balloon and when the air goes, the dance of the balloon is what we feel to do.

If we do not have that feeling in life, then what would be the life of us?

A nightmare, isn't it. That would be bad for our health and also to our heart.

Its like we cannot find an ending to any situation. But the funny part is, in real life, we are in this situation.  For example, our great grand fathers went to school, they tried to scoot class and olay pranks on teachers, etc,. Then our grand fathers did the same and then our fathers and then we did it which again was continued by our children, our grand children.

You might ask, how come, I'm so sure of it.

Well, with just one simple dialogue, passed on through our forefathers, 'Son I too rowed the same boat.Don't think you can fool me.'

So now, was there a necessity to be relieved, when walking talking experiences are there with us, then why didn't we utilize  their service than be uptight for the whole time.

Hmmmm I understand,  to get a sense of achievement, right?

Well,  I would recommend, if you have parents and grand parents with you, then try to makethem comfortable with your presence, then they will open up their treasure trove from their experience, along with others and stories passed on from forefathers, then you can remodel to your situation, what do you think?  Is it a good idea or you would rather go through the tightening and relieving motions to gain of achievement, then OK, go ahead, you are most welcome. I'm on the other boat. Hi.....

You might ask then why I was relieved in the first place, well I published my first ebook, that's why and that is my own because, as far as my parents, grand parents or great grand parents, there weren't anyone who took this boat. So naturally, I had to tread my own way and bring the boat to some sort of destination and that is where I am. Phewwe.

OK then bye, see you tomorrow.

Take care bye


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