Thursday, June 6, 2013

To my Oldy Friends with Love

Today it rained, you know where the whole sky opens up to drench anything and everything under it. Though I like to sit and have a steaming cup of coffee and watch the rain in the safety of my veranda, there was a time, when my family and myself feared rain. Years back, when we first bought this house, it was old. May be 70 plus year old house. But the locality was what attracted us to this property, because age had already set in to the house. Though we planned to demolish it, we had several bereaucratic hurdles, which does not allow us to build any structure in a heritage area. So the first rainy season set in and with it our woes, when the sky opens, our house was there to accept every single drop into it. Now, when I look back, I wondered, why we didn't use a boat to go from one room to other, yes it was a lake in our house, not because of leaking roof, but our house was lower than other houses. So all the water came into our compound. That is what age does. As we grow older, we tend to go stagnant in our way of thinking, attitude, perspective and slowly a sense of hopelessness sets in. Always looking death.

But if we reprioritise our option, then we can outdo the younger generation because, we have the upper hand in experience and we should always be open to new ideas. Then, we could be more creative. One day, we ar going to die for sure, then why not go down in style?

That is why I took up writing, not because I am a good writer, because I wanted to occupy my time creatively and share my experiences and above all, if I could give something of my money too, then that would be a bonus, isn't it.

Come on oldies, wear your thinking caps and be creative. You would love every moment of it. Well, you would naturally get odd looks, but still, you have decided to give a shot, that's what matters in the end.

OK best of luck guys.

See you tomorrow, until then, take care.


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