Thursday, June 13, 2013

The speciality of the crow

Today, as I was walking to church, I saw the early bird catches the prey trend, the bird was naturally, the crow. The food was not much, some kind hearted citizen left some of their waste food for the birds of the sky, which would come to a bowl of knick knacks. You know,what will happen naturally, because crow never thinks of having food alone, even if its  a single grain, but I dondon't understand, why didn't other birds get this feature?

Hey guys, any idea?

Well, I too am in the same boat, but lets not think why not, but the quality of this bird. They are basically a nuisance to everyone except their clan. That is the only plus point I see, but at least, it has one, what about me, have I any?

To be frank, I know, you'd say, Meena, you too!!!!

Its true, I don't know, what plus point I have, because I am doing all sorts of work, as a daughter, student, teacher, mother, wife, friend, sister, cook,  devotee, employer, employee, social worker, travel agent and at last a writer. The only think, I can guarantee is, I put my whole heart, my whole self into it and gabe my complete to all of it, that I am contented being me. In order to commend me, I should be either, rich or famous. Since I'm not both, my being is a non entity. But that is good for me because I'd rather be a wall flower than take a centre stage. But I can give a one liner for my plus point, Jack of all trades, master of none. In short, no pluses, that is the beauty of my life. Can I pass a secret? I am no Jack, God helped me in making my life succesful. If it weren't for him, I'd  be in the grave by now. But, the point is how about you? Do you have any plus points?

If you have, then you  are to use it  to the very limit and bring out the ma ximum output or else you are accountable for it.

Am I talking Latin?

Its just that, whatever you  have is not for your own purpose, its for bringing some hope, help and above all goodness to the needy. If you have done it, then now is the right time, now I hooe you understood, why the crows are like this.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take cpare



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