Monday, June 24, 2013

The Sensitive Man?

Yesterday, I was speaking about the strength of woman. But that doesn't mean that men are less strong. They are strong personified. So its not that quality, I would like to highlight, its about their sensitivity. All men are capable of that part.
Last day, I was watching the Yash Chopra's Hindi Movie, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, yes, Hrithik Roshan's, Rani Mukharjee movie. This made me think, why is Yash Chopra's movies always a block buster? The answer is simple. It is sensitive. You might want to know, what is sensitive.

Sensitive is the language of the heart. When  you understand the minute detail of another person, like, little little happiness, hurts, ambitions, sorrows, wishes, which we call sensitive. A commumication between hearts. Only those type of communication can make an impression in the long run, makes a difference in the otherwise boring life.

Now back to the topic. About R. D. Burman music, its really stuck into every lip of an Indian, why? Because its sensitive towards the minutest detail of a human heart.
O. K. I think, films are enough, now to real life. Girl children especially feel, fathers are more sensitive to their needs than mothers. I had a friend, who was mostly in the boarding. Her mother was abroad and father at home. So when she became matured at the age of thirteen, it was a bit sensitive. You know, its not an open tooic. In the boarding, we get sanitary napkins, very secretly. But still it was not a comfortable situation and there were no choice in the product. So mostly, all the boarders stocked it from home. But we all knew, mothers help in that section. So when my friend too had a bundle of her favourite napkins, I was surprised, I asked her, how did you manage it?
She replied, "My father bought it for me." My sound really got stuck.
"Did you really ask your father?"
"No. When I went home, my cupboard was half full with this. I didn't say anything and he didn't ask me about it. Until my mom comes, he will stock it for me." I really wowed her father.
This is just an example, if circumstance arise, men are more sensitive than woman, that is a fact. So mothers, wives and ladies, watch out you have got competition there.
Do you know, why I said this?
Its the continuation of the half man, half woman idol of Lord Siva. I was speaking of its significance in the life of man. That is why, Man is capable of sensitivity.
Its always good to be sensitive, whether man or woman, it makes us human. So..... hope you would understand the language of the heart, young man?
Hey, don't think, I was speaking to young men, soul has no age, they are always young, even if your physical body has crossed ninety. (Smile) I forgot to compliment all male population. My salute to all the sensitive men of this world. You are the last hope to the women of your lives.(not joking eh)

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care

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