Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Dilemmatic Problem

Today, I went to my past for a few minutes, not by choice, but by chance. I was passing my first job posting, it had many other people, whom I didn't recognize. But it was not a big deal, because I worked there when I was in college. So after that, many a waters passed that bridge. Don't you want to know, what made me think?

At that time, there was a receptionist, who was very close to me, as we were of same age. We were in age, when we liked to have a love affair, which for me was a gone case. But I enjoyed hearing  other's conquests. So my friend and colleague too was in love.

"Oh, sure, I was too happy to hear all the nuances of the affair. So the first question came out of me, Who's the guy?

So naturally, the answer as expected, a shy smile and a dreamy look, after much cajoling, the answer came in a whisper, his name is Sasidharan, he is a very nice man and very loving.

That's natural isn't it, o.k. the next question, is what takes the pie, does he have any job?
Oh yes, he is a thief.

What!!!! A thief? Are you kidding?

No..No... I'm speaking the truth, he is  a thief, he is really a good thief.

I could have sworn, that the thief would be eligible for the popedom, that much saintly was he portrayed at that time.

Well I didn't respond, as I was shell shocked, to even take my breath.

The funny part is, the poet's dilemma. Usually, they say, lovers are all heart thieves, now in literal sense a thief lover arrived, great.

 But after a week or two, I came in terms, with her situation, anyway she would be in less fear, to sleep with all her valuables at home, but after another week, my colleague looked depressed, I asked, why, what's the matter? Did you have a fight with your thief.

No, he never fights with me. He has received a marriage proposal from a very rich father, who has only a daughter, part of his assets will be transferred to him after marriage and the rest after his death.

That really bowled me out, am I really in a normal world or have I got down in the  wrong station? Well,  the sad part is, the thief needs the assets, which my colleague cannot provide, but wants my colleague, as his bride. Anyway, it was full of confusion that, I thought, I'd be a silent spectator,  than get myself complicated with this dilemmatic problems. Now to the end of the story, I was thinking, what might have happened to my colleague. Who might have been the bride of the thief, since, it was an unending ending, I closed my thoughts then and there and sighed at my twosted thoughts. This is how life is, if we follow our thoughts, you'd be simply wasting your  time, energy and money. So don't follow your mind, o.k? Just be at peace with your self.

See you tomorrow

Until then take care bye


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