Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The beauty of Taking Risks

Today, I watched a channel, which I usually keep for the intellects - Geographic Channel. I know you'd say, Oooh! But what to do, (shrug)

O. K. Don't you want to know, what I saw? Well along with snake bite and the like I saw an incredible act of bravery, yeah, I know, all that shown in this channel are incredible things, but this one really touched me.

It was the landing of a plane, with no wheels. The wheels did not come out. Just imagine, the fear, the pilot might have had and what all thoughts might have had passed through him. Usually, without the wheels, the chances of survival of the flight is next to nil, as it drags on the tarmac, the sparks coming out can ignite the fuel tank. The pilot knows it, but still, he took the risk of landing the flight on the designated airstrip without wheels, with more than 200 passengers, we all watched with bated breath, the plane  scraped the  tarmac, the smoke came and covered the whole plane and the vehicle stopped with no casualties. Phew.. that was close

The reason, it touched me is, the courage of the pilot. His hand holds several lives. He could have chickened out and circled around, but he didn't do that. He decided and acted with a prayer in his heart. You might think, how do I know, the pilot prayed. Situation like this would naturally bring out the very inside of our being to connect with the unseen strength of our saviour.

Did you know you too are capable of performing such daring acts?
No I'm really not kidding because I really am one of them.
 Don't you want to know how?

 I cook for my family. Hi...hi... Its no joking matter eh. I am a mother, with juggling words, dishes and menus, it is one big risk to keep all the tummys happy four times a day, 365 days or is it 366, no matter, every day is a new beginning, not hoping to see any end to the unending chores. I really bow to all the mothers who fared in more harsher circumstances, without technology.

Small risks will help you take the giant leap to success.

So don't forget to take some risks, that is the beauty of life.

Take care and be happy

See you tomorrow.

Until then, bye


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