Friday, June 28, 2013

The All Fulfilled Man

Sorry, I have been hogging you with this half man and half woman concept for past three four days, weaving lots of inner and outer meanings, but Yesterday, while I was praying, don't give too much meaning into it, but I'll pass a secret, I love this time because this is where I get my ideas and converse with conflicting thoughts.

With whom?
Naturally, with God, or who else? (smile)
You might be thinking, I might be crazy, but believe me, I believe in the all powerful God. You have your choice.

Now, let it be, we were discussing about the boring topic, I hope you would not chuck me out, because after all the meanings, I gave to you, I was wonderstruck by the new revelation. Sorry, I am not clairvoyant. But this meaning really bowled me completely.

O. K. I know I'm dragging your patience. The new meaning is thus, we are born self sufficient, without any need or help from external sources. Now you know why is it that sages live in the mountains, with no need for people or civilization? Because its all there within them. When both male and female are in you, then, what more is needed?
When both positive and negative energy is in you, then what more energy could we need?
So that is one ultimate truth I learned from this idol of half man and half woman figure of Lord Siva.
Hey guys, what I said is true, but there is one thing, which you should note we were created with completeness, but it would be complete when energy passes through each being and that energy is what we call the life energy. Now, I know, you might want to know what is life energy?

We will discuss that tomorrow.
Until then take care

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