Monday, June 17, 2013

Save Your Best Wish

Last day, my son celebrated his birthday. Usually, its not a grand affair, a small family gathering. As my son was in the throes of teenage and I a lady couldn't decide, what gift I have to give. I wrecked my brain, but couldn't decide at last, I thought of giving a watch, but their tastes can be funky, or what? I couldn't decide and as usual with a mother's instinct, I selected from a maze of companies. To be frank, I hadn't an idea of the in thing of fashion. But still, I thought I'd take the risk. And forgot to gift wrap. Thinking I would do it at home, I took, the packet and shoved into the cupboard clandestinely. But fate was not with me, there was no gift wrapper at home and not a chance to buy one. So I left it to paper wrap later.

Then as usual after church, we gathered together around his b'day cake and lighted a candle, then I whispered to him, wish before you blow. He whispered back, 'Mom, do you believe in all these rubbish?'

Though I felt childish, I said yes, 'anyway, no one is going to know, that you are wishing,   we will see whether it would come to fruition.' He smiled the big daddy smile and nodded.

Don't think my gift was wrapped properly, it was wrapped in an old used newspaper which was all wrinkled, don't give me that look, eh?
Really, I had to set the table, plates, knives, and all the paraphrenalias, but before he cut the cake, I should keep his gift near the cake, so the first paperthat came to my hand, got the opportunity to be the wrapper of honour. Seeing this wrinkled gift, my sson's nose too wrinkled. But he didn't comment. Anyway, he blew the candle and cut the cake, opened the gifts, he smiled and he didn't want to open the wrinkled gift, then I had to force him to open it and his smile vanished. He looked at me and said, mom, if you don't believe in wishing before blowingthe candle of your birthday cake, then believe it, I just wished for this exact watch, the same company and the model. I ddidn't know it worked so fast. Thanks mom for your advice, but I wish I had weekly birthdays.

Thank God, we don't have, or else we would be in the streets. He smiled.

Mom, seeing the wrinkled paper, I thought, it was some prayer book and rosary. I really cannot accommodate any of that at that time, that's why, I didn't wanted to open it then.

So guys, now you understood the meaning of the old proverb, 'Don't Judge the Book, By Its Cover'?

Do you want to know which company watch I bought?

It was Casio.

Whether Casio or Ratio, I'm glad, his wish was fulfilled and my word got more weightage. But I hope all his wishes on his birthday be fulfilled, except chucking his parents out during old age. (Smile)

I said it right, didn't I? Well time would prove.

Until then, take care, Bye. See you tomorrow.


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