Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Route Map of destiny

A day comes and the day goes and again it comes and goes and we living in it, for how long? This thought comes when we grow big, as we step into the throes of oldage. But that thought doesn't even enter into a child, even for a single moment, why?

Where did we gain, this attitude? Any idea, guys?

Well, I too am not sure, but, as we go into the attitude, we know, that it is caused because of hopelessness of the situation being lived, what do you think, am I right?

But what causes this hopelessness. You enjoyed life, when you were young and had more than your share of the best, bold and risky experience and then, you start becoming old and your mind reined you, saying, ' Hey mr or ms or mrs. Whatever, what do you think your age is and that restrained you from taking risks or living life.

Hey guys I too am not young, but, that doesn't mean, that I have done something great, no nothing of much significance. I am basically a zero person, so I am a worthless person in almost all eyes, but I'm priceless for me, because I gave the best for everyone, including me. Life is mine and I had the freedom of choice, never give a chance to regret later and so I produced my best. But still there was something missing and that is when I knew, I should delve deep into me. It was then I knew, my life revolved around family, relationship, people, but life shouldn't and doesn't end there, we have to find the real us and that is a big adventure, the root cause of all problem stops, when we have found our real self. And do you know, how I started my journey in finding my Self, by talking to you guys through my blog. Though you don't respond. It was great talking to you all, you really helped me a lot. And I want to help you. Find an activity you love to do and you would never get tired. That is the route map to find your Self.

Hope I have given you something valuable.

See you tomorrow, until then take care, bye


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