Monday, June 3, 2013

Overcome Destiny

I do not know whether you believe in destiny or not, but I believe, that's a sad fact. (Sigh)

You might think why I feel depressed about it.

Well if we make a mistake, then we can run away from the fact that it was not my doing, it was already destined. But is it fair?

No way, when Judas betrayed his master, we say it was already destined, but was it fair for Jesus, was it fair for Judas, if he had an iota of sense, he could have asked sorry, at least both the master and the disciple could have had a better ending.

Now nothing can be undone, good. But what about us, we too have this problem, at every turn of life. Actually, its very confusing. But I decided one thing, right or wrong, I am going to enjoy life and not bogged by this issue.

Yeah I understand, you want to know, how it could be achieved.

Well it isn't that difficult because live with your heart, then everything would just end supebly. You , might want to know, how can that happen ?

If your action can touch your heart as well the other person, then , you have overcome
destiny. The only way to erase destiny is through heart, through love because when we are in kove,  we never make mistakes, we never regret what we have done and we would always be happy because we are willing to show the other cheek who wants to beat us, So what do you think, isn't it wonderful?

Yeah I too thought so. So next time follow your heart, you will not have to fear destiny or regret your actions.

O. K then bye. See you tomorrow.

Take care


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