Friday, June 7, 2013

Made for Each Other

There is one thing I do not understand, if you have any ideas, you are free to voice it.

O. K. The question is, I have always had a problem with the amount of salt and green chilly. So I just put my heart in my hand and take the salt with a spoon and add it to the dish. But if I take a second serving, it will become more. Now about chilly, I take what I feel would be sufficient, wash it, dice it on a cutting board and add it to the dish, but while adding it to the dish, some of the diced chilly rolls off and falls on the counter top or on cooking stove top. If I take it and put it in the dish, it will become more spicy, but if I had let go of that chilly, it'd have been the right taste. So guys, do you know, what is the principle behind this phenomena?

Well, if you know, then be kind enough to pass it. Now, for me, its a daily ritual. Since I am too much involved in cooking and with many years experience, this phenomenon is stuck with my life too.

You might think, how. Usually, as a human being and more than that as a woman, I have a list of needs. Its not that much important,  but still, you know needs and I used to wish for all the needs, but, while waiting for my wishes to be fulfilled, it comes to me like fill in the blanks. I know, its difficult to understand, I'll give an example, I might ask for a cycle, and I get it without the handle and the tyre. That is what I call fill in the blanks, like the chilly, some pieces are missing.

You might think, what I would do with this unfilled puzzle, live with it, for sure, but let truth be known, its one hell of a nightmare. That is what we call in a poets language or an artist's language, 'imperfection'.

We are all imperfect beings. So what we have for us is also imperfect, which is in short fill in the blank type personalities. But the problem os, we tend to highlight their flaws forgetting ours, which would create a rift, but one thing I know from experience, even if we try to change any number of decisions, we all are made for each other, with or without blanks. So accept the situation and add the right attitude in their blank to digest it with our appetite.

Sorry, was I talking junk? Anyway, take what you feel is good for you and let the wind take the rest.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye


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