Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Have Confidence......

I have seen confident children, but this girl outshone all others.

Well, you might think, how I decided the criteria - in the church.

Hmmm, she came with a bag carried by mentally ill women. You might wonder, how I know. We had one lady who was sick mentally and she used to come late for mass with her bundle and sit in the very front. But luckily, this girl was very much normal, she came with the bundle and sat right in front of me and attended the service with an ardent faith, She might be of 11 or 12 age group and not more than that. After the service, she , with her baggage went near the altar and prayed, crossed to the other side and prayed. She was not shy with her luggage, she carried it with dignity, then I knew, she is  confident girl. I hope you understood what confidence is.

If you are happy with your being, with flaws and all, then we call confidence. She didn't bother to look, who is looking at her. She came, prayed and went. The lesser mortals like me should take a page from  this child, to  pray, when in church and not go wandering with our senses.

So I just wanted to say, be happy with yourself, that makes a lots of difference, than the attitude of others , towards us, which would mostly be our imagination and enjoy life.

O. K then bye. See you tomorrow.

Take care


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