Saturday, June 22, 2013

Half Man and Half Woman

What is the opposite of dry?

Wet, naturally

Opposite of black?


You all are correct, but today, I happened to see the idol of siva half man and half woman.

I would never say any religion as false, there is always truth in all religion, but we should know it in the right perspective.

O. K. Let the spiritualist speak about it. I'm no person to speak such knowledge authoritatively. But this idol made me think, why should Lord Siva openly flaunt with having two types of body? in the earthly world, we call those who have both the genders together as transgender, but, don't you think, we are making a mistake here? A mistake to the denied group of genderless people?

You might want to know, why I say that.

Years back, when I was in class 8, two boys made a bet. It was not a very big bet, a 1000 Rs. Bet  to have a small tablet. For the other boy, to swallow a small tablet,was an easy deal,  but after a week, in class, the boy who had swallowed the medicine, found blood on his trousers. If it was for a girl, it would have been very humiliating, but luckily, it was for a boy.

Yes, you guessed it right, he matured like a woman.

Do you know what that , means?
He can bear a child, proving that, the boy has a uterus in him. Don't think, he looked like a transgender. He was as smart a guy could become. But this tablet undid his gender, but did it?

No. It didn't. He was not changed to a woman, He already had it in him. The boy who gave the medicine immediately gave the antidote and rectified it. Now this boy became a normal one within no time, proving that Lord Siva was indeed right, he showed it what we had in us, So beware, when you try to run away from genderless people, we all are one of them.

See you tomorrow

Until then, take care



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