Sunday, June 30, 2013


Before I begin today's session, I would like to ask two question
 1. Do you believe in death?
 2. Do you believe in eternal life?

If both the answer is yes, then you can proceed to read or else, just skip today's blog.

I have always been at awe with the working of the plants, its importance, the power it wields in the life of all living beings. Just imagine, what will happen if there were no plants? Though its a living being, it doesn't have an ego like us.
Now, I'll pass a secret, I am really afraid of elephant, that doesn't mean that I'm not afraid of other animals, I really am, but the elephant is more in our culture and tradition, that we happen to get to meet him without ticket. One sneeze from its trunk is enough to send me to my grave. Look at its size, phew, its scaring. But I don't understand, how can an elephant be tamed easily? Anyway one of the elders helped me on that, the elephant is not aware of it's size, that's why it stays meek. Might be, but these two big wigs of nature, the plant and elephant are just a small two things in this vast nature, but, still it holds a very big power. So what do you think about us, a very big ingredient of nature, man. Do we have any power?
Don't think about Spiderman or Superman, we have more power than those cartoon characters.
Can you believe it? Better believe it. Now, who put all these power into each and every creation and why?

That part is tricky. I'll ask a question, can you make clay models of all plants?
I know the answer is no. But look at this nature, its so beautifully set, so systematically arranged, that there is no necessity to add or reduce. Did it happen, by accident? Like the big bang theory?
We know, if something bangs on a structure, its usually destroyed not created. This perfect nature is the master plan of a very superior one and that superior being, we call God. I believe. Do you?

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye

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