Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fraility thy name is woman?

Frailty, thy name is woman. This is a quote by Wiliam Shakespeare in his famous play, Hamlet.

But is woman really frail?

I have really been awed by the inner strength of a woman. We will just take a small tour into a day of a working mother. Let me give a name to this mother.  She is Raziya. She is a doctor. She has four kids, all are spaced within a year. The eldest one is in first class, the second is twins, in kindergarten, the youngest in play school. Her husband too a doctor in another hospital, who has to go early and takes lunch with him.

Raziya wakes up at 4, prepares lunch for five. All have diferent tastes and capacity. So three different lunch is ready. Breakfast, two types. By 6.30, she starts calling her children, to get ready, as they have a long ritual of brushing, nature's call, taking bath, breakfast, getting ready togo to school for four kids.
. At that time the younger siblings are all around the kitchen, bickering and sniffling. Her husband arrives for his morning cuppa. After that he goes off to get himself ready for work.

Raziya helps the younger ones to get ready, brushing them, making them to attend the nature's call, by that time, her husband is ready to leave. So he calls his wife for breakfast. Since he is short tempered persinality, Raziya leaves the child in the toilet under the care of the elder one and runs to the dining room, to serve breakfst for her husband. She waits there for him to finish, in between, she can hear the yelling and crying of  her children, but she doesn't respond, as it would start a chain reaction. The husband finishes his breakfast, washes his hands, takes his lumch bag and as a parting shot, he advices, don't let the children scream for long periods. Raiya smiled and nodded. He got into hos car, waved to Raziya which was returned promptly with a smile. He crosses the gate nd Raziya flees to her children, to check the casualties occured within the sppqce of fifteen minutes. The youngest one was still in the toilet but dripping with water from head to toe. Her dress was completely soaked. The other one with no paste at all. She had sucked the tooth paste foam . Another twin had not even budged from her cot. In an hour all have to be ready lock, stock and barrel. The school bus is punctual than the Big Ben's clock.

It was a Hereculean task. But she fed them, got them ready, books were set according to the timetable, then an emergency call from the hospital. She had to be there, it was a delivery case. She got herself ready, stuffed some food into her, so as  not to faint in the middle of birthing process. By that time, the school bus arrived. She herds her kids to the bus, bades them bye , returns quickly, switches of all lights, fans, and whatever needs switching off, closed the door and took her moped and rushed to the hospital, washed, scrubbed, howned, masked, gloved and ready for her professional work. It was a complicated delivery, a caeserean case in the normal procedure. So it was very difficult for the mother, creating lots of comolication. It took nearly two hours, when Raziya finished in the labour room, then she moved to the out patient section. Seeing the rush, she knew, she would be having late lunch. Shrugging, she ploughed into the histories and diagnosis and treatments and check ups of the patient and in between, she had the general rounds of the admitted patients or In patients (IP). All in all she was able to leave the hospital by three in the afternoon.  She rushed back, so that she would be ready with the evening tiffin and in between, washed the utensils, clothes, loaded in the washing machine, cleaning house, as it was still the morning jumble. The rumbling of the stomach reminded her of lunch. Since she was a doctor, she knew the importance of staying healthy. So immediately, she stuffed herself with food.
The school bus dropped her children near the gate and all calling mom, ran into the house, throwing their bag on to the nearby chairs and settees and slumped into them and switched on the television, then a fight ensued for the favourite channel.

Raziya set the table with evening tea and tiffin, bringing a short break from fighting. An hour later, husband arrived. Seeing all the bags in the living room, he lost his temper and scolded Raziya. The eldest daughter, hearing her father scold her mother, took all the bags to their rooms. The husband changed, washed and sat in front of the television, to watch the current state and national issues. Tea came to him along with it, something to munch.

After the general commotion, Raziya goes to her children, who had not yet changed their school uniform. She helped them do it and started on their home work, studies, until six. After thatdinner has to be prepared, then feedomg, praying, cleaning, preparation for the next day and good night or sometimes good morning, whatever.

This Iis usually a routine of a working mother, only the profession varies and for the housewives its double and triple work at home. Seeing this hectic schedule and strenuous work, is it fair for Shakespeare, to quote as such?

Raziya is just one example,  who we can say are unsung heroes and would be until the end of time, but one thing should be acknowledged, their strength of mind, presence of mind, co-ordination in performing different tasks within a short span of time, planning and above all resilience in bringing each work to fruition. Hats off mothers. I'd requote the woman
"Universe, thy name is woman."

Its apt, right? Look at the Universe, its all things and more. But have you thought, why the woman has the capability to do so much work?

Simple, she is half man too and she utilizes the maximum of her capabilities.

So when you see your moher next time, think of Raziya, she is that and much more.

See you tomorrow, until then

Take care and be happy.


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