Saturday, June 1, 2013

Don't dream away your Life

You know guys, I always liked to dream. Thinking of what lay in store, etc..etc.

But the funny part is, it happens only during study time or prayer time or when the power fails and it starts from my own room or wherever I am, it goes sky high or sometimes round the world and in the end my mind returns to the place I started the dream. So now where am I?

Exactly, in square one, which means, in the starting line of a dream?

Do you know what I learned from the dream?

Don't just dream away your life,  work on it and that too very hard, and pray for its success, only then, you can give company to your dream. You might think, why we need to pray. Do you know, when someone is very fortunate we say, ooh, he's lucky, when a batsman can score a hundred, he is lucky, when a bowler can get hatrick, we say he is lucky, this lucky part we get from prayer because it is God's grace. And I for one believe in God's grace. Today I was watching Master Chef programme on television and in that there was a contestant who really did well and even the judges knew she would win easily, but unfortunately, she forgot to place chicken skin on the plate from the oven. Now look, everything came out perfectly, she too was sure that she might surely get selected, but in the end, she lost in that round, that's sad, isn't it? Even I too thought so. So don't think that your hard eork and talent alone can bring you success. Just by dreaming too would not get you anywhere, you should work for it. And one more thing, if your parents are very rich, that they can filfill your dream easily, then forget it now itself,  for the success of your life, it solely lies in your hands and not your parents or fairy God mother's clout. So work hard and ask god to sprinkle some luck in your favour and live life. Will you do that?

I hope so.

OK then bye, we'll meet tomorrow.


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