Monday, June 10, 2013

Are You A Stinker?

Day before yesterday, I had to collect a money, which in normal circumstance, I'd forefeit than face those people.  The money was an advance given for a house. My cousin told them, he doesn't want the house, so he asked to refund the advance amount. The owners were so angry, that they started talking vulgarily and they promised to refund it the very day. For that, I had to go. Just imagine, my fear. I really hate fights and especially verbal assaults. But what to do, I had to go there. I went like the sacrificial lamb, ready to be slaughtered. But the reception they gave me was simply astounding. They spoke so lovingky and really wished that we had not cancelled this deal. But still, they were gave suggestions and how to search for homes and also offered me tea. Then I had this eery feeling, whether,  my cousin heard them right or not, but, its true, he heard the worst I got the best deal. But that doesn't mean, that I was good looking or spoke sense. Its because I had a lifetime pass for good deeds.

I do not know, whether you would believe it, but I have always felt instant like or dislike at first sight, towards persons. Have you felt it?

Then it made me think, so I too might give some vibration, either they like me or dislike me.

Anyway, its natural for me to think, that I should be liked by all. But that is a hereculean task. So I thought of doing some home work on this issue, why should one be liked or disliked, the very first instance? They have not even spoken to us, then where has it gone wrong, in our system or their system?

Well, there is always an answer for all that we see around. Now, the answer is, if I'm disliked, then I'm the sole reason. When you work in a perfume factory, you would always be scented and if it is in a fish factory, you'd be stinking, likewise, the deeds you do, the thoughts you have, all gives out either a good scent for good thoughts and deeds and bad smell if you always do the wrong deeds and bad thoughts.

Even if you put your best appearance, your inner good or bad cannot be covered because, when you do good, an aura of positive energy comes from you, that atttacts, others to you and when yoh do bad actions and have bad thoughts, yoh would produce negative enegy, which you would never be aware of, but we will habe to bear the consequences of our services rendered to others, both family and non family. So huys, beware of your thoughts and deeds, because it makes a lot of difference in the long run.

So we meet tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye


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