Thursday, June 20, 2013

Antibiotic of life

Today I happened to meet a surgeon, who was treating a patient with infected cyst.

Years back, the treatment was cut open and the sack which accumulates the pus removed with great care.

But today the doctor just applied glycerine magsulph, some  antibiotic and anti inflammatory medicines. When asked, why you are not removing the cyst?

He replied, 'it would damage many cells, which is not affected. So we help remove the pus through the application of glucerine magsulph and stop the infection and bring back to its normal state by antibiotic and anti inflamatory medicine.

I thought wow, I'm not a fan of allopathy medicine because of surgery. If something extra grows or unwanted happens they immediately remove with the slice of a knife. But this new attitude was indeed surprising for me. This made me think, people are indeed in the path of change. A change for the good of mankind.

Do you know, in real life, when people do unwanted things, we cannot cut them off with a slash of a knife, we will have to take the glycerine magsulph attitude along with antibiotic and anti inflammatory measures, so that this action is not repeated. That is a bit difficult right?

But I'll say, its not because, if you love the person, then the heart knows what to do. There is no planning necessary. So now its easy, right?

See you tomorow.

Until then take care



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