Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Message to all the thieves in the world

When  I was a kid, I used to always think, that all children were my friends. Its not because, they always did good to me, believe, my childhood, was a time of things getting lost and firing from the boarding mistress, but still, I do not know, how I kept my heart intact against hatred or hurt or whatever. I had complete faith in everybody. But my cousins were just the opposite, they looked everyone with a jaundiced eye, it is very difficult to get their faith.

It was during my boarding life, I had the opportunity to learn about the story of the 'Bishop's Candlesticks'. In that story, a thief steals, the most precious gift, which his mother had given him and his sister on her deathbed. The Bishop knew that the thief had stolen. Though he was sad, he forgave the thief, thinking the thief deserved it more than himself. So, when the police officer brings the thief for questioning, the Bishop answers, that the thief was his friend and he had gifted him the candlesticks, thus the thief was released from police custody. This act transformed the thief, he became a good man.

You know, this story is one of my favourites, I cried, when I first read it, you might think, because of the generosity of the Bishop, well forget it, I eas thinking, lucky Bishop,  he had the opportunity to see his candlestick at least once and had the contented feeling of giving it as a gift to a live person, my thief was anonymous and I was literally fighting with the unseen thief or thieves, I don't know and a daily dose of scolding too. But one thing helped me from this story, that person might need it more than me, but she might be frightened to ask the boarding mistress. So let it be. So after this story, whenever I get a firing, I felt like a hero.

But there is one destiny, which I didn't foresee, when I was small, children took my pencils, erasers, ribbons, etc, but when I grew up, people thieved my very life and I give all my talents, energy and time for free. I don't ever remember being paid my proper  wage for my service. But I don't regret it because, I have learned a lot from this service.  So I'm always poor. But luckily,  my mom's destiny is connected to mine. She has invested all her income on me and still is. Though I really feel bad, we cannot change the law of nature, one way or other, what we give should return back to us, candlestick or not, whenever i need something, it comes to me, without asking. Might be because I have learned to live without want.

Its good to forgive the thief, but I would like to spass a message to the thief, the hurt you give to the person, returns to you 7 multiplied by 70 times stronger. Would you be able to face it. What you have done is done, but there is always the next moment, which is a brand new moment, take it and try to become good, with a new beginning. Please don't steal. If it is sickness, treat it, whether sickness or not, you create your own destiny. So please make it perfect. Don't Steal.

Hoping you would really change your destiny.

I conclude, see you tomorrow.

Until then, take care



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