Sunday, June 30, 2013


Before I begin today's session, I would like to ask two question
 1. Do you believe in death?
 2. Do you believe in eternal life?

If both the answer is yes, then you can proceed to read or else, just skip today's blog.

I have always been at awe with the working of the plants, its importance, the power it wields in the life of all living beings. Just imagine, what will happen if there were no plants? Though its a living being, it doesn't have an ego like us.
Now, I'll pass a secret, I am really afraid of elephant, that doesn't mean that I'm not afraid of other animals, I really am, but the elephant is more in our culture and tradition, that we happen to get to meet him without ticket. One sneeze from its trunk is enough to send me to my grave. Look at its size, phew, its scaring. But I don't understand, how can an elephant be tamed easily? Anyway one of the elders helped me on that, the elephant is not aware of it's size, that's why it stays meek. Might be, but these two big wigs of nature, the plant and elephant are just a small two things in this vast nature, but, still it holds a very big power. So what do you think about us, a very big ingredient of nature, man. Do we have any power?
Don't think about Spiderman or Superman, we have more power than those cartoon characters.
Can you believe it? Better believe it. Now, who put all these power into each and every creation and why?

That part is tricky. I'll ask a question, can you make clay models of all plants?
I know the answer is no. But look at this nature, its so beautifully set, so systematically arranged, that there is no necessity to add or reduce. Did it happen, by accident? Like the big bang theory?
We know, if something bangs on a structure, its usually destroyed not created. This perfect nature is the master plan of a very superior one and that superior being, we call God. I believe. Do you?

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life Energy

O. K. Now you want to know what is life energy.
We will start with, what is energy?
I'm not going to go scientific.

To be simple,  Its the power passed from the power source to the powerless.
With this sentence, we can understand that it would be difficult to live without energy. That means, its life giving. So we can name it Life energy. But what is that energy?
I'll give an example, in the physical world, where we can see, feel, hear, smell and taste, the life giving energy is the sun, but still we die, all living beings die. That means, sun is not the real life giving energy. Then what, this is where, the God part comes into play. The spiritual part.
I know, you feel, that I'm odd, but, its true, man is not made of only, some organs both internal and external, we are made up of, soul too or you might say the spirit.
O. K. You might need a proof.
Do you know, no living being can live without air, but can you see air?
No, you can't, but that doesn't mean that it is not there.
Now, I have heard, many saints, sages who are spiritually in a higher level can be in two places at the same time. Is it Possible with you? With me, sorry, I can't. Its a pity, isn't it? But, its a fact. So how does it happen? Its simple, if I want to meet my mother in England, my thought reaches the destination, England and solidifies the atoms and creates me, as the same person and meet my mom, give a hug and a kiss, talk for sometime and return to the main body, in India. It is called bi-localism or the capability of a person to be in two places at the same time. Is there any physical organ, that is capable to do all these?
No, but your spiritual part is capable to do all these and that is where we need energy and that energy comes from God and for that we have a very big role to play, to find the source and tap it. This energy is not spoon fed and don't think, it would naturally come to you.
No, it won't, its your dedication, hard work, perseverance, persistence and above all the craving to have it, is what helps you to reach the goal.

Now again you might have several questions regarding, how do we get it.

Its a vast subject, we will take it one at a time.
Tomorrow, we will discuss about God.
Until then take care

Friday, June 28, 2013

The All Fulfilled Man

Sorry, I have been hogging you with this half man and half woman concept for past three four days, weaving lots of inner and outer meanings, but Yesterday, while I was praying, don't give too much meaning into it, but I'll pass a secret, I love this time because this is where I get my ideas and converse with conflicting thoughts.

With whom?
Naturally, with God, or who else? (smile)
You might be thinking, I might be crazy, but believe me, I believe in the all powerful God. You have your choice.

Now, let it be, we were discussing about the boring topic, I hope you would not chuck me out, because after all the meanings, I gave to you, I was wonderstruck by the new revelation. Sorry, I am not clairvoyant. But this meaning really bowled me completely.

O. K. I know I'm dragging your patience. The new meaning is thus, we are born self sufficient, without any need or help from external sources. Now you know why is it that sages live in the mountains, with no need for people or civilization? Because its all there within them. When both male and female are in you, then, what more is needed?
When both positive and negative energy is in you, then what more energy could we need?
So that is one ultimate truth I learned from this idol of half man and half woman figure of Lord Siva.
Hey guys, what I said is true, but there is one thing, which you should note we were created with completeness, but it would be complete when energy passes through each being and that energy is what we call the life energy. Now, I know, you might want to know what is life energy?

We will discuss that tomorrow.
Until then take care

Thursday, June 27, 2013

6 feet Earth or A Pot of Ashes

Today, while I was passing the dock yard, my mimd flew to an old friend, who is no more.
You know, he was a very kind man and very loving too and his specialty, he is a perfect mechanical engineer, who can spot a hair line complajnt, by the sound of the motor. O. K. I was not thinking about his qualities, but my thoughts went to the person, a very nice man and I do not know whether you would believe it, but many very nice people passed, leaving behind a fragrance and not there to see the world now. It was a melancholic moment. Now my houghts turned to the living including, how many more years or is it days or seconds? We do not know, that moment has already been set, for each one of us. Are we aware of it? I do not know, but, if we know that moment of ours or our loved ones, what will be our attitude? Same as now? If you think, you would behave differently, then I suggest, start it from this very moment, who knows, whether we would be there to see the light of day the next moment or who would be thinking of us, pitily, instead of lovingly.
Guys, give your best shot of life, though its like a blade of grass on the roadside, it can give shade to at least an ant or food for the grasshopper for a day or two, that is more than enough, don't you think? We already know what to expect, 6 ft earth or we become ashes in a pot. So the choice is yours, make hay while the sun shines. Do good until you are able to do it. Life is too fragile, cherish it, until you can.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is Your Gender?

For days, I have been talking about the half man and half woman policy in the basic construction of human being. But is it localised only in human being? I don't think so.

I have always been at awe when "Like Poles Repel."
Yes, you guessed it right, the magnets. The first time, when my teacher, gave me magnets to try and make like poles attract, the strength of the magnet to say no was, simply awesome. I am talking about a metal, which has no attitude or life. This proves, that non living things do have two facets in it, or we can say two opposite characters and the best part is, turn one magnet and it attracts, so strongly, that it takes real strength to break it apart.

Now, if we look into plants, especially, the hibiscus, it is through self pollination, it procreates, that means, it creates new hibiscus plants, with one single flower. In short, both male and female are in the same plant. Now, hibiscus is like a transgender in human language.

Since we have already found, that both genders are in all living and non living things, my final question, what is our gender?

Sorry, don't expect me to answer that. Its your duty to answer or accept that plain truth, that we are?

I hope you would answer it. Its time, you started finding answers.
See you tomorrow.

Until then take care, Bye

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who Would Be Your Right Partner

Now we know, one facet of man, which signifies the half man, half woman idol of Lord Siva. Now, why is it necessary to be like this. Include both halves into one?

You guys are lucky, that I am not the creator. Better ask why. I would not even have  thought of a gender to begin with. O. K. Just joking, we can never create the perfection we see around even in a million years.

Now this half man half woman depicts two opposite characters. Yes, you thoight right, like magnets, North and South poles.

I have always thought, when we are planning to marry a person, we look at the compatability of the other person, how much similarities, both the partners have, and the maximum, the better. But in the system of nature, I think, the more the incompatibility, the stronger the bond, what do you guys think?

Its not my theory, eh. I'm just voicing, what I see. I too am confused with this idea, but still, that is the truth. We better analyze before someone makes any further mistakes in selecting the spouse.

The criteria our parents and grand parents look, while selecting a partner for marriage
A. Family background
B. Character
C. Education
D. Career
E. Financial security
Now when we take it in our own hands, we look, if the other person loves, then it is fine. Now, that is where the glitch is. Can love stay life long. Usually we have an old saying, Love is good until hunger strikes, then it would be the death of a relationship.
Anyway, I do not want to say the elders were not correct. But with my life and lots of lives in front of me. I made one conclusion, that it is always good to select a partner just our opposite, but we should have one thing, I mean, both the partners, they should be in real love, the all accepting love, all forgiving love, which we call, the romantic love, then as nature proved, unlike poles do attract and not repel. And no poeer could break it. But unfortunately and the sad part is, man is not capable of that, is he?
I really hope he is.
Now, there is this story of Sultan of Delhi, Shajahan, very smart, macho man, and his queen, Mumtaz. His position, religion, culture allows him to marry any number of women, but he just stayed with a plain looking short statured lady. What does that mean, if we have the right proportion of opposite characters with that of our partner, it can really result in successful union or if it is marriage, so be it. But how do we know the right proportion?
Don't ask me eh? Just joking, we'll find out, at least in any cookery blog, no problem.
You know, there is no measure or proportion, when it comes to union of souls, it just gets united with no measures or proportions, but it should be done with your heart and not with your brain.
Last day, while I was searching a house for me, I couldn't like any of the houses. Don't think,I'm too picky. O. K. Now to the real issue. I had gone through the same situation years back. You know, there are lots of people who snatches a good house. Usually to get a good house, is like searching a  needle in a hay stack. The time, energy and above all the patience, is what get tested. Luckily, at that time, I found one, exactly to my liking. It came to me after I went around a lot. Seeing the house, my cousins, friends, everyone commented about , how lucky I was, but actually, was I really lucky?
I don't think so. Yes, its a fact, wherever, we run, we have been allocated with lots of things, it would come to us no matter, how much we stop it or run away from it. Likewise, don't make haste, when you select your partner, it would come to you, exactly, that fit your criteria and that is the right  proportion of opposite character the partner would have with respect to ours. Be on the look out and wait,  patiently, you have a soul mate, believe that, then you would have a happily ever after life. Its cool isn't it?

But one thing, still remains, I have not yet found a house of my proportion.  (Smile )

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care,



Monday, June 24, 2013

The Sensitive Man?

Yesterday, I was speaking about the strength of woman. But that doesn't mean that men are less strong. They are strong personified. So its not that quality, I would like to highlight, its about their sensitivity. All men are capable of that part.
Last day, I was watching the Yash Chopra's Hindi Movie, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, yes, Hrithik Roshan's, Rani Mukharjee movie. This made me think, why is Yash Chopra's movies always a block buster? The answer is simple. It is sensitive. You might want to know, what is sensitive.

Sensitive is the language of the heart. When  you understand the minute detail of another person, like, little little happiness, hurts, ambitions, sorrows, wishes, which we call sensitive. A commumication between hearts. Only those type of communication can make an impression in the long run, makes a difference in the otherwise boring life.

Now back to the topic. About R. D. Burman music, its really stuck into every lip of an Indian, why? Because its sensitive towards the minutest detail of a human heart.
O. K. I think, films are enough, now to real life. Girl children especially feel, fathers are more sensitive to their needs than mothers. I had a friend, who was mostly in the boarding. Her mother was abroad and father at home. So when she became matured at the age of thirteen, it was a bit sensitive. You know, its not an open tooic. In the boarding, we get sanitary napkins, very secretly. But still it was not a comfortable situation and there were no choice in the product. So mostly, all the boarders stocked it from home. But we all knew, mothers help in that section. So when my friend too had a bundle of her favourite napkins, I was surprised, I asked her, how did you manage it?
She replied, "My father bought it for me." My sound really got stuck.
"Did you really ask your father?"
"No. When I went home, my cupboard was half full with this. I didn't say anything and he didn't ask me about it. Until my mom comes, he will stock it for me." I really wowed her father.
This is just an example, if circumstance arise, men are more sensitive than woman, that is a fact. So mothers, wives and ladies, watch out you have got competition there.
Do you know, why I said this?
Its the continuation of the half man, half woman idol of Lord Siva. I was speaking of its significance in the life of man. That is why, Man is capable of sensitivity.
Its always good to be sensitive, whether man or woman, it makes us human. So..... hope you would understand the language of the heart, young man?
Hey, don't think, I was speaking to young men, soul has no age, they are always young, even if your physical body has crossed ninety. (Smile) I forgot to compliment all male population. My salute to all the sensitive men of this world. You are the last hope to the women of your lives.(not joking eh)

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fraility thy name is woman?

Frailty, thy name is woman. This is a quote by Wiliam Shakespeare in his famous play, Hamlet.

But is woman really frail?

I have really been awed by the inner strength of a woman. We will just take a small tour into a day of a working mother. Let me give a name to this mother.  She is Raziya. She is a doctor. She has four kids, all are spaced within a year. The eldest one is in first class, the second is twins, in kindergarten, the youngest in play school. Her husband too a doctor in another hospital, who has to go early and takes lunch with him.

Raziya wakes up at 4, prepares lunch for five. All have diferent tastes and capacity. So three different lunch is ready. Breakfast, two types. By 6.30, she starts calling her children, to get ready, as they have a long ritual of brushing, nature's call, taking bath, breakfast, getting ready togo to school for four kids.
. At that time the younger siblings are all around the kitchen, bickering and sniffling. Her husband arrives for his morning cuppa. After that he goes off to get himself ready for work.

Raziya helps the younger ones to get ready, brushing them, making them to attend the nature's call, by that time, her husband is ready to leave. So he calls his wife for breakfast. Since he is short tempered persinality, Raziya leaves the child in the toilet under the care of the elder one and runs to the dining room, to serve breakfst for her husband. She waits there for him to finish, in between, she can hear the yelling and crying of  her children, but she doesn't respond, as it would start a chain reaction. The husband finishes his breakfast, washes his hands, takes his lumch bag and as a parting shot, he advices, don't let the children scream for long periods. Raiya smiled and nodded. He got into hos car, waved to Raziya which was returned promptly with a smile. He crosses the gate nd Raziya flees to her children, to check the casualties occured within the sppqce of fifteen minutes. The youngest one was still in the toilet but dripping with water from head to toe. Her dress was completely soaked. The other one with no paste at all. She had sucked the tooth paste foam . Another twin had not even budged from her cot. In an hour all have to be ready lock, stock and barrel. The school bus is punctual than the Big Ben's clock.

It was a Hereculean task. But she fed them, got them ready, books were set according to the timetable, then an emergency call from the hospital. She had to be there, it was a delivery case. She got herself ready, stuffed some food into her, so as  not to faint in the middle of birthing process. By that time, the school bus arrived. She herds her kids to the bus, bades them bye , returns quickly, switches of all lights, fans, and whatever needs switching off, closed the door and took her moped and rushed to the hospital, washed, scrubbed, howned, masked, gloved and ready for her professional work. It was a complicated delivery, a caeserean case in the normal procedure. So it was very difficult for the mother, creating lots of comolication. It took nearly two hours, when Raziya finished in the labour room, then she moved to the out patient section. Seeing the rush, she knew, she would be having late lunch. Shrugging, she ploughed into the histories and diagnosis and treatments and check ups of the patient and in between, she had the general rounds of the admitted patients or In patients (IP). All in all she was able to leave the hospital by three in the afternoon.  She rushed back, so that she would be ready with the evening tiffin and in between, washed the utensils, clothes, loaded in the washing machine, cleaning house, as it was still the morning jumble. The rumbling of the stomach reminded her of lunch. Since she was a doctor, she knew the importance of staying healthy. So immediately, she stuffed herself with food.
The school bus dropped her children near the gate and all calling mom, ran into the house, throwing their bag on to the nearby chairs and settees and slumped into them and switched on the television, then a fight ensued for the favourite channel.

Raziya set the table with evening tea and tiffin, bringing a short break from fighting. An hour later, husband arrived. Seeing all the bags in the living room, he lost his temper and scolded Raziya. The eldest daughter, hearing her father scold her mother, took all the bags to their rooms. The husband changed, washed and sat in front of the television, to watch the current state and national issues. Tea came to him along with it, something to munch.

After the general commotion, Raziya goes to her children, who had not yet changed their school uniform. She helped them do it and started on their home work, studies, until six. After thatdinner has to be prepared, then feedomg, praying, cleaning, preparation for the next day and good night or sometimes good morning, whatever.

This Iis usually a routine of a working mother, only the profession varies and for the housewives its double and triple work at home. Seeing this hectic schedule and strenuous work, is it fair for Shakespeare, to quote as such?

Raziya is just one example,  who we can say are unsung heroes and would be until the end of time, but one thing should be acknowledged, their strength of mind, presence of mind, co-ordination in performing different tasks within a short span of time, planning and above all resilience in bringing each work to fruition. Hats off mothers. I'd requote the woman
"Universe, thy name is woman."

Its apt, right? Look at the Universe, its all things and more. But have you thought, why the woman has the capability to do so much work?

Simple, she is half man too and she utilizes the maximum of her capabilities.

So when you see your moher next time, think of Raziya, she is that and much more.

See you tomorrow, until then

Take care and be happy.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Half Man and Half Woman

What is the opposite of dry?

Wet, naturally

Opposite of black?


You all are correct, but today, I happened to see the idol of siva half man and half woman.

I would never say any religion as false, there is always truth in all religion, but we should know it in the right perspective.

O. K. Let the spiritualist speak about it. I'm no person to speak such knowledge authoritatively. But this idol made me think, why should Lord Siva openly flaunt with having two types of body? in the earthly world, we call those who have both the genders together as transgender, but, don't you think, we are making a mistake here? A mistake to the denied group of genderless people?

You might want to know, why I say that.

Years back, when I was in class 8, two boys made a bet. It was not a very big bet, a 1000 Rs. Bet  to have a small tablet. For the other boy, to swallow a small tablet,was an easy deal,  but after a week, in class, the boy who had swallowed the medicine, found blood on his trousers. If it was for a girl, it would have been very humiliating, but luckily, it was for a boy.

Yes, you guessed it right, he matured like a woman.

Do you know what that , means?
He can bear a child, proving that, the boy has a uterus in him. Don't think, he looked like a transgender. He was as smart a guy could become. But this tablet undid his gender, but did it?

No. It didn't. He was not changed to a woman, He already had it in him. The boy who gave the medicine immediately gave the antidote and rectified it. Now this boy became a normal one within no time, proving that Lord Siva was indeed right, he showed it what we had in us, So beware, when you try to run away from genderless people, we all are one of them.

See you tomorrow

Until then, take care



Friday, June 21, 2013

Diagnoze your Priorities

Today I remembered a man, who was in terrible stomach pain. It was years back. I  had come for holodays to my cousin's home in the mountains. The speciality of this place was, it was so silent that we could hear our own breath. So this wailing sound was so clear, that it really gave me creeps. I really was frightened to go out thinking, the hhost of the man would come and attack me, any time. That much piercing was his wailing. I didn't stay there long, so I didn't know the outcome, anyway luck was on my side, he didn't die on me. Years later, I met these cousins and asked about this man, they said, he was fit as a fiddle.

But I do not understand, what was really his ailment. But one thing is sure, he mihht have diagnosed correctly and treated properly relieving from his pain.

In life too, we have this problem. We take the wrong decision because we think, it is right and wail the whole life. So take your time, in diagnozing your decision and act accordingly, or else we would surely bring ourselves a slow death.

So think, what you want in life

Until then take care



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Antibiotic of life

Today I happened to meet a surgeon, who was treating a patient with infected cyst.

Years back, the treatment was cut open and the sack which accumulates the pus removed with great care.

But today the doctor just applied glycerine magsulph, some  antibiotic and anti inflammatory medicines. When asked, why you are not removing the cyst?

He replied, 'it would damage many cells, which is not affected. So we help remove the pus through the application of glucerine magsulph and stop the infection and bring back to its normal state by antibiotic and anti inflamatory medicine.

I thought wow, I'm not a fan of allopathy medicine because of surgery. If something extra grows or unwanted happens they immediately remove with the slice of a knife. But this new attitude was indeed surprising for me. This made me think, people are indeed in the path of change. A change for the good of mankind.

Do you know, in real life, when people do unwanted things, we cannot cut them off with a slash of a knife, we will have to take the glycerine magsulph attitude along with antibiotic and anti inflammatory measures, so that this action is not repeated. That is a bit difficult right?

But I'll say, its not because, if you love the person, then the heart knows what to do. There is no planning necessary. So now its easy, right?

See you tomorow.

Until then take care



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Which Route?

Take Risk is easy to say, but do you know what you are taking risk from?

 deciding  between good and bad or black and white or yes and no, which means we are replanning our life.

If we are following the same route, there is no need for any thought, we can even reach destination closed eyes.

But in this type of life, there would be no room for growth, it would be stagnant, that is the time we take a decision, to cut a new path, it would not be easy. That is a bit risky, but still,if you are courageous to make the move, then, that would be a turning point to the path of success.

The lives of famous people proves it. Even Gods too proved that, taking risk can resurrect you from the dead. Yes you guessed it right, Jesus Christ. He took the decision to die on the cross and look what happened, he resurrected from the dead. That's impossible, right? But that's the beauty of taking risk, you making the impossible, possible, making yourself invincible. Isn't it cool?

Yeah, even I too think so. So let us follow the well trodden path of the great personalities like Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs,  the Crocodile hunter,  and many more unsung heroes, like the pilot who landed  unsung heroes who have made change  in their own field, in a small office or at home, Note the point, nobody started  grand, they all started from simple beginnings. That is easy to follow, isn't it, live your life as it comes,
Until then, take care.



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The beauty of Taking Risks

Today, I watched a channel, which I usually keep for the intellects - Geographic Channel. I know you'd say, Oooh! But what to do, (shrug)

O. K. Don't you want to know, what I saw? Well along with snake bite and the like I saw an incredible act of bravery, yeah, I know, all that shown in this channel are incredible things, but this one really touched me.

It was the landing of a plane, with no wheels. The wheels did not come out. Just imagine, the fear, the pilot might have had and what all thoughts might have had passed through him. Usually, without the wheels, the chances of survival of the flight is next to nil, as it drags on the tarmac, the sparks coming out can ignite the fuel tank. The pilot knows it, but still, he took the risk of landing the flight on the designated airstrip without wheels, with more than 200 passengers, we all watched with bated breath, the plane  scraped the  tarmac, the smoke came and covered the whole plane and the vehicle stopped with no casualties. Phew.. that was close

The reason, it touched me is, the courage of the pilot. His hand holds several lives. He could have chickened out and circled around, but he didn't do that. He decided and acted with a prayer in his heart. You might think, how do I know, the pilot prayed. Situation like this would naturally bring out the very inside of our being to connect with the unseen strength of our saviour.

Did you know you too are capable of performing such daring acts?
No I'm really not kidding because I really am one of them.
 Don't you want to know how?

 I cook for my family. Hi...hi... Its no joking matter eh. I am a mother, with juggling words, dishes and menus, it is one big risk to keep all the tummys happy four times a day, 365 days or is it 366, no matter, every day is a new beginning, not hoping to see any end to the unending chores. I really bow to all the mothers who fared in more harsher circumstances, without technology.

Small risks will help you take the giant leap to success.

So don't forget to take some risks, that is the beauty of life.

Take care and be happy

See you tomorrow.

Until then, bye


Monday, June 17, 2013

Save Your Best Wish

Last day, my son celebrated his birthday. Usually, its not a grand affair, a small family gathering. As my son was in the throes of teenage and I a lady couldn't decide, what gift I have to give. I wrecked my brain, but couldn't decide at last, I thought of giving a watch, but their tastes can be funky, or what? I couldn't decide and as usual with a mother's instinct, I selected from a maze of companies. To be frank, I hadn't an idea of the in thing of fashion. But still, I thought I'd take the risk. And forgot to gift wrap. Thinking I would do it at home, I took, the packet and shoved into the cupboard clandestinely. But fate was not with me, there was no gift wrapper at home and not a chance to buy one. So I left it to paper wrap later.

Then as usual after church, we gathered together around his b'day cake and lighted a candle, then I whispered to him, wish before you blow. He whispered back, 'Mom, do you believe in all these rubbish?'

Though I felt childish, I said yes, 'anyway, no one is going to know, that you are wishing,   we will see whether it would come to fruition.' He smiled the big daddy smile and nodded.

Don't think my gift was wrapped properly, it was wrapped in an old used newspaper which was all wrinkled, don't give me that look, eh?
Really, I had to set the table, plates, knives, and all the paraphrenalias, but before he cut the cake, I should keep his gift near the cake, so the first paperthat came to my hand, got the opportunity to be the wrapper of honour. Seeing this wrinkled gift, my sson's nose too wrinkled. But he didn't comment. Anyway, he blew the candle and cut the cake, opened the gifts, he smiled and he didn't want to open the wrinkled gift, then I had to force him to open it and his smile vanished. He looked at me and said, mom, if you don't believe in wishing before blowingthe candle of your birthday cake, then believe it, I just wished for this exact watch, the same company and the model. I ddidn't know it worked so fast. Thanks mom for your advice, but I wish I had weekly birthdays.

Thank God, we don't have, or else we would be in the streets. He smiled.

Mom, seeing the wrinkled paper, I thought, it was some prayer book and rosary. I really cannot accommodate any of that at that time, that's why, I didn't wanted to open it then.

So guys, now you understood the meaning of the old proverb, 'Don't Judge the Book, By Its Cover'?

Do you want to know which company watch I bought?

It was Casio.

Whether Casio or Ratio, I'm glad, his wish was fulfilled and my word got more weightage. But I hope all his wishes on his birthday be fulfilled, except chucking his parents out during old age. (Smile)

I said it right, didn't I? Well time would prove.

Until then, take care, Bye. See you tomorrow.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Little Drops Make a Mighty Ocean

My God! Would you believe it?

Better ask, what?

Should I say it?

Now your curosity has aroused right?

I know, but actually, there is nothing to be curious about. Last day, my mother and myself went to the market to buy fruits and vegetables. So ee were roaming around the place, when we saw a banana shop. We were glad to see so many varieties of banana. But we needed just two kilos and the shop keeper entertained only wholesale deals, Seeing our presence, he tolerated us patiently and hearng our request, he elaborately directed to a far away shop and said, you could get there quality banana and dismissed ussmo8thly, But my mom, got into the very next shop and asked for two kgs banana, the shoo keeper was willing to give us the said kgs happily and seeing his willingness, we bought one whole bunch of banana.

I know, you might say, what's so special about it.

Yes, there is, the first shopkeeper was a good businessman, but, the second one would be successful. Little drops makes a mighty ocean was the one liner that came to my mind.

Do you know, it has great depth?

I had a friend, who always spoke hurtingly. His character is very neat and perfect.  But if he opens his mouth, we really feel, that he should be dumped into the middle of the Pacific ocean. As time passed, relationship weakened and broke Likewise, take care of small matters, a small smile , a thank you or sorry r a small pat on the shoulder could make a lot of difference, than an expensive gift. So decide, which is worth your energy, time and money.

So we will meet tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye


Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Dilemmatic Problem

Today, I went to my past for a few minutes, not by choice, but by chance. I was passing my first job posting, it had many other people, whom I didn't recognize. But it was not a big deal, because I worked there when I was in college. So after that, many a waters passed that bridge. Don't you want to know, what made me think?

At that time, there was a receptionist, who was very close to me, as we were of same age. We were in age, when we liked to have a love affair, which for me was a gone case. But I enjoyed hearing  other's conquests. So my friend and colleague too was in love.

"Oh, sure, I was too happy to hear all the nuances of the affair. So the first question came out of me, Who's the guy?

So naturally, the answer as expected, a shy smile and a dreamy look, after much cajoling, the answer came in a whisper, his name is Sasidharan, he is a very nice man and very loving.

That's natural isn't it, o.k. the next question, is what takes the pie, does he have any job?
Oh yes, he is a thief.

What!!!! A thief? Are you kidding?

No..No... I'm speaking the truth, he is  a thief, he is really a good thief.

I could have sworn, that the thief would be eligible for the popedom, that much saintly was he portrayed at that time.

Well I didn't respond, as I was shell shocked, to even take my breath.

The funny part is, the poet's dilemma. Usually, they say, lovers are all heart thieves, now in literal sense a thief lover arrived, great.

 But after a week or two, I came in terms, with her situation, anyway she would be in less fear, to sleep with all her valuables at home, but after another week, my colleague looked depressed, I asked, why, what's the matter? Did you have a fight with your thief.

No, he never fights with me. He has received a marriage proposal from a very rich father, who has only a daughter, part of his assets will be transferred to him after marriage and the rest after his death.

That really bowled me out, am I really in a normal world or have I got down in the  wrong station? Well,  the sad part is, the thief needs the assets, which my colleague cannot provide, but wants my colleague, as his bride. Anyway, it was full of confusion that, I thought, I'd be a silent spectator,  than get myself complicated with this dilemmatic problems. Now to the end of the story, I was thinking, what might have happened to my colleague. Who might have been the bride of the thief, since, it was an unending ending, I closed my thoughts then and there and sighed at my twosted thoughts. This is how life is, if we follow our thoughts, you'd be simply wasting your  time, energy and money. So don't follow your mind, o.k? Just be at peace with your self.

See you tomorrow

Until then take care bye


Friday, June 14, 2013

Heaven on Earth

Long time back, there was an advertisement of master card. The theme song was regarding the reaching out the whole world with our hands. Now there is a Lenovo tab advertisement, that roo about hands. Though man has several body parts, hands has a big role in it. In real life, hands has a very big role in making our life an absolute stunner, the musician needs hands, for the perfection of his art form, so does an artist, that doesn't mean the others can   live without. Normal people use their hands for working and earning their livelihood, to pet their chikdren and thelike, these moments would always become an heartrending experience, but the best part of it all is, you gave your hand to make history by extending it to anither human being. Thus begins a life journey of a small baby. If a doctor or a nurse, denies her hand, there could never be a new life.  So is the hands of a mother, who nourishes life. Now I hope you understood, its not the body part, that makes our life special, but its the attitude of the people, that makes lifeaheaven on this Earth. Try to become an angel at least once in a day.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, bye


Thursday, June 13, 2013

The speciality of the crow

Today, as I was walking to church, I saw the early bird catches the prey trend, the bird was naturally, the crow. The food was not much, some kind hearted citizen left some of their waste food for the birds of the sky, which would come to a bowl of knick knacks. You know,what will happen naturally, because crow never thinks of having food alone, even if its  a single grain, but I dondon't understand, why didn't other birds get this feature?

Hey guys, any idea?

Well, I too am in the same boat, but lets not think why not, but the quality of this bird. They are basically a nuisance to everyone except their clan. That is the only plus point I see, but at least, it has one, what about me, have I any?

To be frank, I know, you'd say, Meena, you too!!!!

Its true, I don't know, what plus point I have, because I am doing all sorts of work, as a daughter, student, teacher, mother, wife, friend, sister, cook,  devotee, employer, employee, social worker, travel agent and at last a writer. The only think, I can guarantee is, I put my whole heart, my whole self into it and gabe my complete to all of it, that I am contented being me. In order to commend me, I should be either, rich or famous. Since I'm not both, my being is a non entity. But that is good for me because I'd rather be a wall flower than take a centre stage. But I can give a one liner for my plus point, Jack of all trades, master of none. In short, no pluses, that is the beauty of my life. Can I pass a secret? I am no Jack, God helped me in making my life succesful. If it weren't for him, I'd  be in the grave by now. But, the point is how about you? Do you have any plus points?

If you have, then you  are to use it  to the very limit and bring out the ma ximum output or else you are accountable for it.

Am I talking Latin?

Its just that, whatever you  have is not for your own purpose, its for bringing some hope, help and above all goodness to the needy. If you have done it, then now is the right time, now I hooe you understood, why the crows are like this.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take cpare



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Route Map of destiny

A day comes and the day goes and again it comes and goes and we living in it, for how long? This thought comes when we grow big, as we step into the throes of oldage. But that thought doesn't even enter into a child, even for a single moment, why?

Where did we gain, this attitude? Any idea, guys?

Well, I too am not sure, but, as we go into the attitude, we know, that it is caused because of hopelessness of the situation being lived, what do you think, am I right?

But what causes this hopelessness. You enjoyed life, when you were young and had more than your share of the best, bold and risky experience and then, you start becoming old and your mind reined you, saying, ' Hey mr or ms or mrs. Whatever, what do you think your age is and that restrained you from taking risks or living life.

Hey guys I too am not young, but, that doesn't mean, that I have done something great, no nothing of much significance. I am basically a zero person, so I am a worthless person in almost all eyes, but I'm priceless for me, because I gave the best for everyone, including me. Life is mine and I had the freedom of choice, never give a chance to regret later and so I produced my best. But still there was something missing and that is when I knew, I should delve deep into me. It was then I knew, my life revolved around family, relationship, people, but life shouldn't and doesn't end there, we have to find the real us and that is a big adventure, the root cause of all problem stops, when we have found our real self. And do you know, how I started my journey in finding my Self, by talking to you guys through my blog. Though you don't respond. It was great talking to you all, you really helped me a lot. And I want to help you. Find an activity you love to do and you would never get tired. That is the route map to find your Self.

Hope I have given you something valuable.

See you tomorrow, until then take care, bye


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

World Environment Day

World Environment Day or popularly known as Environmental Day is observed every year on June 5 to promote awareness on the importance of preserving our biodiversity. It also aims to identify issues related to environment and ways to take corrective action.Hence to make the world a better place, many countries across the world have enacted laws to fight against the raising environmental issues.The idea behind such awareness programmes is to use Environmental Day as a strong and effective platform in protecting the environment and finding solutions for a sustainable living.Every year, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) selects a theme to observe World Environment Day, which also draws the attention for the need for an effective ecosystem management. This year, the theme, the spirit and slogan of the World Environment Day is, ‘Think, Eat and Save.’

The environment is polluted at such a faster pace. If the world develops at this pace without taking into account the environmental concerns, people will have to walk with a water bottle and oxygen cylinder in the near future.

Each of us has a commitment to our Earth, that sustain us, that sustain life. We can make a small difference, by eating only what we need and not throwing food, use the necessary water for our daily use, se the necessary light and fan, and when finished, switch off, its easy, we all can do it and be part of conserving Earth, the choice is ours.

Just Remember, 'Little Drops Make a Mighty Ocean.' These small actions can make a lot of difference to our lives.

O.K. Then bye, See You tomorrow

Until then, take care



Monday, June 10, 2013

Are You A Stinker?

Day before yesterday, I had to collect a money, which in normal circumstance, I'd forefeit than face those people.  The money was an advance given for a house. My cousin told them, he doesn't want the house, so he asked to refund the advance amount. The owners were so angry, that they started talking vulgarily and they promised to refund it the very day. For that, I had to go. Just imagine, my fear. I really hate fights and especially verbal assaults. But what to do, I had to go there. I went like the sacrificial lamb, ready to be slaughtered. But the reception they gave me was simply astounding. They spoke so lovingky and really wished that we had not cancelled this deal. But still, they were gave suggestions and how to search for homes and also offered me tea. Then I had this eery feeling, whether,  my cousin heard them right or not, but, its true, he heard the worst I got the best deal. But that doesn't mean, that I was good looking or spoke sense. Its because I had a lifetime pass for good deeds.

I do not know, whether you would believe it, but I have always felt instant like or dislike at first sight, towards persons. Have you felt it?

Then it made me think, so I too might give some vibration, either they like me or dislike me.

Anyway, its natural for me to think, that I should be liked by all. But that is a hereculean task. So I thought of doing some home work on this issue, why should one be liked or disliked, the very first instance? They have not even spoken to us, then where has it gone wrong, in our system or their system?

Well, there is always an answer for all that we see around. Now, the answer is, if I'm disliked, then I'm the sole reason. When you work in a perfume factory, you would always be scented and if it is in a fish factory, you'd be stinking, likewise, the deeds you do, the thoughts you have, all gives out either a good scent for good thoughts and deeds and bad smell if you always do the wrong deeds and bad thoughts.

Even if you put your best appearance, your inner good or bad cannot be covered because, when you do good, an aura of positive energy comes from you, that atttacts, others to you and when yoh do bad actions and have bad thoughts, yoh would produce negative enegy, which you would never be aware of, but we will habe to bear the consequences of our services rendered to others, both family and non family. So huys, beware of your thoughts and deeds, because it makes a lot of difference in the long run.

So we meet tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do You Have a Warranty?

Today I felt very sad, because, my mom looked a little lost.

You might ask, what so big deal about that.

Well, her's is a well planned life. She knows, at what time to wake up, what prayers to say, which mass to go, which food to eat, where to go on which day, how much to give for charity, etc..etc..

But now, I came to look after her, when she fell sick and a month went haywire, then my son is always at logger heads with her. He a nineth kid, who is trying to flex his wings with his new found ideas and notions of teenage and my mom clipping it before it tries to flutter. And I in the middle, making my son to hush.

Can I ask you guys a question, which side should I stay, my mother's or my son's because both sides are correct in their sense.

Anyway, this ritual started from the day my son started to go to school after this summer vacation and it was a nightmare for me. So what I did, I have this habit of getting into the cocoon of my soul, where I chat with God. So I put this question, why do you put me in this fix. Can't you just swish your magic wand and solve this problem?

And do you know, what answer I got?

Well, it was simple. 'Whose problem Meena, Do you really have a problem?'

Í gave you a mother. I gave you a son. If you have a problem, then just leave it to me, I'll do the necessary servicing and give them back to you. So now its my problem. Forget all these whys and whats, come on enjoy your life. I thought I was speaking to the Product Service Centre, Really, isn't it? ' Yes Maam, May I help You? Sure Maam, don't worry, we'll send our technician to your home and since your product is under warranty, you don't have to pay a single dime. Thank you Maam, Anything Else?'

Well I felt relieved, but my mom, a spiritual person to the core cannot be made to understand, with these talks, because I would never know the nuances of God or spiritual teachers. So I kept my little chat within myself and now I'm sharing with you people.

Don't get too much tensed with problems. Life is full of it, if you are planning to tackle it at every corner. And remember, it multiplies in lakhs, want to bet? My advice,  Since you do not have any choice with selecting the family or life circumstances, then why bother with the rest of the predicaments. It will come and it will go, just leave it at the hands of the Super Duper Servicing Personnel - God.  just make sure, including you, put all the family and your circumstances under warranty.  Yaaaaahoooooo. Come on guys, just chill out. Life is too cool to pass it by.

See you tomorrow,

Until then, tak care, Bye


Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Message to all the thieves in the world

When  I was a kid, I used to always think, that all children were my friends. Its not because, they always did good to me, believe, my childhood, was a time of things getting lost and firing from the boarding mistress, but still, I do not know, how I kept my heart intact against hatred or hurt or whatever. I had complete faith in everybody. But my cousins were just the opposite, they looked everyone with a jaundiced eye, it is very difficult to get their faith.

It was during my boarding life, I had the opportunity to learn about the story of the 'Bishop's Candlesticks'. In that story, a thief steals, the most precious gift, which his mother had given him and his sister on her deathbed. The Bishop knew that the thief had stolen. Though he was sad, he forgave the thief, thinking the thief deserved it more than himself. So, when the police officer brings the thief for questioning, the Bishop answers, that the thief was his friend and he had gifted him the candlesticks, thus the thief was released from police custody. This act transformed the thief, he became a good man.

You know, this story is one of my favourites, I cried, when I first read it, you might think, because of the generosity of the Bishop, well forget it, I eas thinking, lucky Bishop,  he had the opportunity to see his candlestick at least once and had the contented feeling of giving it as a gift to a live person, my thief was anonymous and I was literally fighting with the unseen thief or thieves, I don't know and a daily dose of scolding too. But one thing helped me from this story, that person might need it more than me, but she might be frightened to ask the boarding mistress. So let it be. So after this story, whenever I get a firing, I felt like a hero.

But there is one destiny, which I didn't foresee, when I was small, children took my pencils, erasers, ribbons, etc, but when I grew up, people thieved my very life and I give all my talents, energy and time for free. I don't ever remember being paid my proper  wage for my service. But I don't regret it because, I have learned a lot from this service.  So I'm always poor. But luckily,  my mom's destiny is connected to mine. She has invested all her income on me and still is. Though I really feel bad, we cannot change the law of nature, one way or other, what we give should return back to us, candlestick or not, whenever i need something, it comes to me, without asking. Might be because I have learned to live without want.

Its good to forgive the thief, but I would like to spass a message to the thief, the hurt you give to the person, returns to you 7 multiplied by 70 times stronger. Would you be able to face it. What you have done is done, but there is always the next moment, which is a brand new moment, take it and try to become good, with a new beginning. Please don't steal. If it is sickness, treat it, whether sickness or not, you create your own destiny. So please make it perfect. Don't Steal.

Hoping you would really change your destiny.

I conclude, see you tomorrow.

Until then, take care



Friday, June 7, 2013

Made for Each Other

There is one thing I do not understand, if you have any ideas, you are free to voice it.

O. K. The question is, I have always had a problem with the amount of salt and green chilly. So I just put my heart in my hand and take the salt with a spoon and add it to the dish. But if I take a second serving, it will become more. Now about chilly, I take what I feel would be sufficient, wash it, dice it on a cutting board and add it to the dish, but while adding it to the dish, some of the diced chilly rolls off and falls on the counter top or on cooking stove top. If I take it and put it in the dish, it will become more spicy, but if I had let go of that chilly, it'd have been the right taste. So guys, do you know, what is the principle behind this phenomena?

Well, if you know, then be kind enough to pass it. Now, for me, its a daily ritual. Since I am too much involved in cooking and with many years experience, this phenomenon is stuck with my life too.

You might think, how. Usually, as a human being and more than that as a woman, I have a list of needs. Its not that much important,  but still, you know needs and I used to wish for all the needs, but, while waiting for my wishes to be fulfilled, it comes to me like fill in the blanks. I know, its difficult to understand, I'll give an example, I might ask for a cycle, and I get it without the handle and the tyre. That is what I call fill in the blanks, like the chilly, some pieces are missing.

You might think, what I would do with this unfilled puzzle, live with it, for sure, but let truth be known, its one hell of a nightmare. That is what we call in a poets language or an artist's language, 'imperfection'.

We are all imperfect beings. So what we have for us is also imperfect, which is in short fill in the blank type personalities. But the problem os, we tend to highlight their flaws forgetting ours, which would create a rift, but one thing I know from experience, even if we try to change any number of decisions, we all are made for each other, with or without blanks. So accept the situation and add the right attitude in their blank to digest it with our appetite.

Sorry, was I talking junk? Anyway, take what you feel is good for you and let the wind take the rest.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, bye


Thursday, June 6, 2013

To my Oldy Friends with Love

Today it rained, you know where the whole sky opens up to drench anything and everything under it. Though I like to sit and have a steaming cup of coffee and watch the rain in the safety of my veranda, there was a time, when my family and myself feared rain. Years back, when we first bought this house, it was old. May be 70 plus year old house. But the locality was what attracted us to this property, because age had already set in to the house. Though we planned to demolish it, we had several bereaucratic hurdles, which does not allow us to build any structure in a heritage area. So the first rainy season set in and with it our woes, when the sky opens, our house was there to accept every single drop into it. Now, when I look back, I wondered, why we didn't use a boat to go from one room to other, yes it was a lake in our house, not because of leaking roof, but our house was lower than other houses. So all the water came into our compound. That is what age does. As we grow older, we tend to go stagnant in our way of thinking, attitude, perspective and slowly a sense of hopelessness sets in. Always looking death.

But if we reprioritise our option, then we can outdo the younger generation because, we have the upper hand in experience and we should always be open to new ideas. Then, we could be more creative. One day, we ar going to die for sure, then why not go down in style?

That is why I took up writing, not because I am a good writer, because I wanted to occupy my time creatively and share my experiences and above all, if I could give something of my money too, then that would be a bonus, isn't it.

Come on oldies, wear your thinking caps and be creative. You would love every moment of it. Well, you would naturally get odd looks, but still, you have decided to give a shot, that's what matters in the end.

OK best of luck guys.

See you tomorrow, until then, take care.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Have Confidence......

I have seen confident children, but this girl outshone all others.

Well, you might think, how I decided the criteria - in the church.

Hmmm, she came with a bag carried by mentally ill women. You might wonder, how I know. We had one lady who was sick mentally and she used to come late for mass with her bundle and sit in the very front. But luckily, this girl was very much normal, she came with the bundle and sat right in front of me and attended the service with an ardent faith, She might be of 11 or 12 age group and not more than that. After the service, she , with her baggage went near the altar and prayed, crossed to the other side and prayed. She was not shy with her luggage, she carried it with dignity, then I knew, she is  confident girl. I hope you understood what confidence is.

If you are happy with your being, with flaws and all, then we call confidence. She didn't bother to look, who is looking at her. She came, prayed and went. The lesser mortals like me should take a page from  this child, to  pray, when in church and not go wandering with our senses.

So I just wanted to say, be happy with yourself, that makes a lots of difference, than the attitude of others , towards us, which would mostly be our imagination and enjoy life.

O. K then bye. See you tomorrow.

Take care


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What a Relief

How do you feel, when a long pending work is completed?

Relieved,  right.

That is what I felt today, Relief.

You know, Whatever the job you are in, this word has more importance than any other word. Don't you think?

Its like releasing the air from the balloon and when the air goes, the dance of the balloon is what we feel to do.

If we do not have that feeling in life, then what would be the life of us?

A nightmare, isn't it. That would be bad for our health and also to our heart.

Its like we cannot find an ending to any situation. But the funny part is, in real life, we are in this situation.  For example, our great grand fathers went to school, they tried to scoot class and olay pranks on teachers, etc,. Then our grand fathers did the same and then our fathers and then we did it which again was continued by our children, our grand children.

You might ask, how come, I'm so sure of it.

Well, with just one simple dialogue, passed on through our forefathers, 'Son I too rowed the same boat.Don't think you can fool me.'

So now, was there a necessity to be relieved, when walking talking experiences are there with us, then why didn't we utilize  their service than be uptight for the whole time.

Hmmmm I understand,  to get a sense of achievement, right?

Well,  I would recommend, if you have parents and grand parents with you, then try to makethem comfortable with your presence, then they will open up their treasure trove from their experience, along with others and stories passed on from forefathers, then you can remodel to your situation, what do you think?  Is it a good idea or you would rather go through the tightening and relieving motions to gain of achievement, then OK, go ahead, you are most welcome. I'm on the other boat. Hi.....

You might ask then why I was relieved in the first place, well I published my first ebook, that's why and that is my own because, as far as my parents, grand parents or great grand parents, there weren't anyone who took this boat. So naturally, I had to tread my own way and bring the boat to some sort of destination and that is where I am. Phewwe.

OK then bye, see you tomorrow.

Take care bye


Monday, June 3, 2013

Overcome Destiny

I do not know whether you believe in destiny or not, but I believe, that's a sad fact. (Sigh)

You might think why I feel depressed about it.

Well if we make a mistake, then we can run away from the fact that it was not my doing, it was already destined. But is it fair?

No way, when Judas betrayed his master, we say it was already destined, but was it fair for Jesus, was it fair for Judas, if he had an iota of sense, he could have asked sorry, at least both the master and the disciple could have had a better ending.

Now nothing can be undone, good. But what about us, we too have this problem, at every turn of life. Actually, its very confusing. But I decided one thing, right or wrong, I am going to enjoy life and not bogged by this issue.

Yeah I understand, you want to know, how it could be achieved.

Well it isn't that difficult because live with your heart, then everything would just end supebly. You , might want to know, how can that happen ?

If your action can touch your heart as well the other person, then , you have overcome
destiny. The only way to erase destiny is through heart, through love because when we are in kove,  we never make mistakes, we never regret what we have done and we would always be happy because we are willing to show the other cheek who wants to beat us, So what do you think, isn't it wonderful?

Yeah I too thought so. So next time follow your heart, you will not have to fear destiny or regret your actions.

O. K then bye. See you tomorrow.

Take care


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Better Be Clean

Today I was searching for a rented house, the broker took me several houses, big small, spacious, congested, but one thing that stuck me was, the time to decide, these guys wanted to know, then and there itself, whether  I was willing to take the house, but unfortunately, I really hated to say it on his face, that I didn't like it.

But you might think, why I didn't like it.

It was simple

Most of them were dirty. In some places, I didn't even feel like getting in, then I knew, how much big a role cleanliness plays in our life.

Yes its true, you might think foolish. For example, after bath, how do you feel?

Refreshed right?

And believe it, the people near you too feels your freshness, they feel like being with you. But on the other hand, if you have not taken bath for two days, how would you feel?

I know you won't feel anything because you have the guts to stay without bath for two daysbut for others you are a stinker and not only that, they would run away from you. That was the same with houses too. If you live in a clean house, then naturally all the good attracts to your house, a positive energy flows in and around. So if you want something good to happen, then better be clean.

Ok then bye. See you tomorrow.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Don't dream away your Life

You know guys, I always liked to dream. Thinking of what lay in store, etc..etc.

But the funny part is, it happens only during study time or prayer time or when the power fails and it starts from my own room or wherever I am, it goes sky high or sometimes round the world and in the end my mind returns to the place I started the dream. So now where am I?

Exactly, in square one, which means, in the starting line of a dream?

Do you know what I learned from the dream?

Don't just dream away your life,  work on it and that too very hard, and pray for its success, only then, you can give company to your dream. You might think, why we need to pray. Do you know, when someone is very fortunate we say, ooh, he's lucky, when a batsman can score a hundred, he is lucky, when a bowler can get hatrick, we say he is lucky, this lucky part we get from prayer because it is God's grace. And I for one believe in God's grace. Today I was watching Master Chef programme on television and in that there was a contestant who really did well and even the judges knew she would win easily, but unfortunately, she forgot to place chicken skin on the plate from the oven. Now look, everything came out perfectly, she too was sure that she might surely get selected, but in the end, she lost in that round, that's sad, isn't it? Even I too thought so. So don't think that your hard eork and talent alone can bring you success. Just by dreaming too would not get you anywhere, you should work for it. And one more thing, if your parents are very rich, that they can filfill your dream easily, then forget it now itself,  for the success of your life, it solely lies in your hands and not your parents or fairy God mother's clout. So work hard and ask god to sprinkle some luck in your favour and live life. Will you do that?

I hope so.

OK then bye, we'll meet tomorrow.