Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why doesn't the moon set?

"Hey Rafael,  today the moon didn't set in the morning. "

"Don't talk silly Mathew,  it's not the moon but the Sun is what sets in the West,  isn't it Rafael? "

"Hmmmm Rebecca,  I"ll have to differ on that."

"Ooh sorry, I thought......"

"At your age, even I too thought the same, but if you look at the working of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth,  actually, is it setting anywhere, like in the sea or the ocean or behind mountains?"

"No, they are revolving and rotating."

"Exactly,  Rebecca,  and what about the Sun?"

"Its the source of energy, its not moving."

"Yes, you are right,  now what sets? "

"Nothing,  in fact, due to this revolution and rotation, there are lots of changes  happening in the Earth and the moon."

"Yes Mark, we get day and night,  then the seasons,  months and years are all due to this, its a long travel, with no end."

"Rafael,  have you noticed, most of the things are unending, like the sky, the ocean, the days, years, why is it like that?"

"That is because we are in a spiritual sleep."

"Spiritual Sleep? What does that mean?"

"It means, your real you, the soul is sleeping, until it is awakened, you will be in this unending situation."

"But Rafael,  when a person dies, he would surely come out of this unending situation? "

"No Raj, if his soul is not awake, then he cannot come out of this unending situation. "

"Then what will happen?"

"Just like the days and the months and the years and the seasons, his life would be repeated."

"Ouch! !!!! Its impossible."

"But Rafael, this is becoming a nightmare."

"To be frank, it can be, but it is all in your hands, you have the choice to end this unending situation. "

"Really! !!! How? "

"Awaken your soul. "

"So simple?  How do we do that?"

"Live consciously, each moment, and look directly into you and the soul will direct you and when you give the steering wheel to your soul, then, it would easily take you out of this unending situation."

"Wow!!!! That' cool,  but still, all these are really weirdos Rafael. "

"Yes, but whatever you say or think, you will have to go through the soul, even if it takes thousand years. So why wait thousand years when you know what to do now?"

"Yeah it's true,  we'll surely try to live through the soul Rafael. "

"Good,  now, its time to say bye, we'll meet tomorrow." All nodded,

Until then, bye


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