Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Do I Believe

"But Rafael,  you itself told me that God Created Jesus from His very soul, then how come, God and Jesus have any difference?"

"Yes there is a very big difference Monica."

"But how come this difference arrived?"

"God, is complete soul, full of love. But Jesus along with the God soul has the physical body of human beings, which pulls him away from being with God or like God."

"Ooooh that means, its like evil, the devil which takes us away from God, isn't it Rafael?"

"Yes, exactly, both good and evil are within us children and what you choose to do is what comes out of us." All nodded.

"But Rafael, there is one thing I do not understand, the teachers or the priests, who leads the people to christianity does wrong, then how will we feel to follow them?"

"Never ever judge others by their action because, as I told you, when we are covered with the physical human body you make lots and loads of mistake. Now can I ask one question?" All nodded.

"Is there anyone in this group who has not made a mistake?" All nodded in the negative.

"But Rafael, we are children, we tend to make mistakes."

"No children, nobody should make mistake because, the soul has no age like young or old or middle age or toddler. So if you make a mistake, then its a mistake. So unless you are clear, you have no right to judge, whether they are people of power or people who guide us. So the next time, do not think of judging or criticizing others, you might have done more than that and you would also be judged for that." All nodded.

"Now regarding my belief, you asked why I love Jesus, its simple, He is me."

"What does that mean Rafael?"

"He is a human being and I am a human being, He has God soul within Him, I too have a drop of God soul within me. Then naturally we both are one and same, does it make any difference?"

"No Rafael, you are right."

"But there is a difference children, and a very big difference between Jesus and me. He showed us how to over come this problem of physical body stopping us from reaching God. He knew, what to do. He used His full power of God strength which is within His as well as the God strength through prayer and attained glory. For me, I do not like unhappiness. I do not like tears. I do not like hatred. I do not like untruth. But all these are there with this body and Jesus showed step by step, what to do, what to expect and how we should face it all through the BIBLE. "

"Oooooh, that I did not know. But where is it? For me Bible is Aramaic, for all I know, there are lots of parables, which I cannot make any connection with anything and I ususally think, why Jesus always speaks out of context."

"It is these stories, that guides us and also His life from the very start to the very end is the consequences He faced because of Human body. This is my situation and its also the situation of whole mankind, we are a power house, but we do not know the power unless we follow the path taken by Jesus and that is why I believe in Jesus. He is right in what He did and what He said and He is indeed the Son of God." All nodded.

"Wow Rafael, its indeed a privilege to have met you. You have a clear cut idea of what you want in life and where it is leading and all that."

"No children, I do not know anything about my future, but I know one thing, I can ollow Jesus and He would guide me to my goal. And that is where my success lies, knowing Jesus. So analyze, whether your religion teaches or shows how to live, what to expect the outcome and would it help you to reach God, then you do not have to woory, but follow these teachings with your heart and full of love, and with no criticism or judgement." All nodded.

"There is one secret I have to pass."

"What is it Rafael?"

"Because I have a God to believe, Jesus to direct and the spirit of God, to gide us, then I have always hope, that my life would end happily ever after." All smiled.

"But you didn't say anything of the Spirit of God, Is it God?"

"I think its time to say bye. How about explaining tomorrow?" All nodded.

Until tomorrow, take care, .



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