Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why are we sad?"

"Rafael,  our headmistress retired. She was our Chemistry teacher. She was very kind and very loving too. The whole school were crying when she bade farewell.  Why should it be sad, when we seperate from our loved ones?"

"I am sorry to hear, that a good teacher retired because of age. But still you people should feel lucky, that you have had first hand experience of a good teacher,  just think of the students who are now planning to join school?"

"Yes its true Rafael,  they're really unlucky on that score.  But still,  why are we so sad, heartbroken?"

"Any relationship tthat's been joined with love cannot be broken,  even after years of seperation, we do have fond thoughts of them, the hurt part comes, when our mind takes over and sows the seed of fear, whispering to our intelligence,  if she goes, you would feel alone,  the person replacing her can be a militant matron, thus bringing a sense of hurt, loss and loneliness, making it a fertile ground for tears and heart break." All nodded.

"But if your heart is filled with love for the person, then no matter what reason the mind gives, you would be confident about the love you have for the other person, not mattering, whether it is reciprocated because in the end, the love would really pierce the heart of the other person and return it to you, with double force. And remember, she has done her duty perfectly, fair and square because you helped her do it. So you should feel proud, to make her life successful and bring fulfillment to it. So don't feel sad about the retirement, The teacher would always remember you peopleand all her pupils in her prayers and she would always have good thoughts of you. So don't feel sad, O.K? But you can make her proud by following all her good example, that is a very great gift, you could give a teacher." All nodded.

I think it's time to leave.  And guys,  don't be sad. We'll meet tomorrow?"All nodded.

Until then,  take care, bye.


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