Monday, May 20, 2013

What Will happen to my life?????

"Rafael,  I really am very frightened of this life, what would happen of me?"

"That is your mind saying,  a spiritual person would never fear of anything. "

"Are you sure,  Rafael? "

"Yes quite sure,  its because they always are in the shade of  love,  peace and happiness,  which only the soul could provide, then they have full faith in the all powerful God,  who guides their every second of their lives,  so naturally whatever the circumstance, they would accept it as it is, then where is the scope for fear? "

" Nowhere naturally."

"Exactly,  but if your body, your mind,  your intelligence guides you, there is only one scope in life, tension. .....tension and all the diseases attached to it. Since,  the body or the mind or the intelligence do not know, what awaits us, the next year or the next monthor the next week. "

"Don't go that far Rafael,  no physical intelligence cannot predict what awaits us the next second. " all nodded.

Yes, that's right,  but, if I say,  'do not worry, your problem will be solved,  will you accept it?"

"Ohhhh all the people say exactly this dialogue Rafael,  it does'nt make any difference."

"Never think like that children,  it would surely happen,  because it is a message to you from the Supreme Creator,  to turn your ways towards yourself,  then, what others say would surely happen.  Will you believe it?"

"If you believe,  then we too believe. "

"Don't believe,  because I believe,  I believe because I have strong faith,  your belief would stay intil mu presence is there in front of you, when I move away, it would go. That should not happen,  cultivate to live spiritually, then you would never lose hope nor have fear over outcome of life." All nodded.

"We will meet tomorrow?" All nodded.

Until then, take care, bye


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