Sunday, May 26, 2013

Three Choices.......?

"Hi Rafael,  today I got mu results. "

"Well,  that's great news, congratulations."

"But Rafael,  you didn't ask whether I passed or not."

"Its not necessary to pass or fail, now you are entering the next phase of life, whether you like it or not, you are there and I'm glad, you have reached here safely Ajay. Now you would have added responsibility of making decisions and if it backfires, then you are held responsible, if your choice was right, the praise would also be yours, in this phase, you have many experiences and with that, many friends and foes and a lot of explanations, etc..."

"Yes Rafael,  I'm aware of it because my mom had already asked me to decide which subject to take two years back. She had asked me to put three choices and not to put too much heart on the first choice alone."

"Why did she say like that? Do you have any idea?"

"Yes guys, she told,  if by any chance, we miss on the first choice, then we could at least have the second and the third choice or else, if we have only one choice and if we don't get it fulfilled,  then we wouldn't know what to do next."

"That's cool isn't it Rafael? "

"Yes it is indeed, that's a good advice. So whenever you plan something, its good to expect both best and worst. Best is ok but the worst, when it happens, we wouldn't be in a situation to accept gracefully, if we have another plan under the sleeve, then we wouldn't be too shocked or miss the loss we had. So obey your mother and decide  three choices, ok?"

"Sure Rafael,  do you have any more to add?"

Yes I do have Ajay,  don't take any decisions very quickly,  this decision affects your whole life. So this is the time to utilize your religion, your unflinching faith in our creator and yoi should have  a clear cut aims and goals, only then can your decision be correct,  or else you could be a loser life long."


"Yes, oh. This is your choice, use it wisely. We will meet tomorrow?" All nodded.

Until then,  take care,



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