Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Secret Room

"Rafael,  what do you mean by silence?  Is it not talking,  like silence in class, in library? "

"Good question Ajay, silence is not talking,  there is a room inside you, where your soul resides, the real you is inside that room. "

"Wow, really?  Its unimaginable. But what has this room got to do with silence,  Rafael?"

"The real you grows in silence and not in noise. You can sit in a noisy room and talk over the din, but still,  you can be silent and that is what we need."

"But now that's confusing, how do we make our room inside us silent, rafael?"

"To be silent,  we will have to clear our thoughts. When thoughts come, stop it, don't allow to come inside the room of your soul."

"But Rafael,  thoughts are what make us, just imagine,  we without thoughts?"

"Yes, its true, but that is what causes the noise inside you, for example, you saw a very good pen with your friend and you want to have it, then what all thoughts go through you?"

" Don't ask, its like asking 1001 question at a time. We have a million thoughts in different angles,  the way of asking, to whom to ask, at what time to ask, if the answer is no, then the next agenda, etc..."

"Exactly,  this is what is a noise to the soul. The 1001 questions are being shouted inside the room. Stop these or any thoughts, whatever comes from the brain and just make yourself free, it takes time, but if you practice it regularly, then as I told you, you can talk your throat out, but  still you can be silent and it is in this room, miracles happen, where the soul is free to work, to help us in our lives. So try,  this, when doubts, tensions, needs arise, just stop it when you see it coming, then, be sure, you become, the walking miracle. Everything happens at the nick of time and if something goes wrong, it has to go wrong, but be in peace, it would be righted by the soul."

"That's cool,  just imagine, we do not have to decide anything and the soul does everything for us? But Rafael,  how does miracles happen, in  our inside room or with the soul?"

"If you are silent within and leave  the problems and whatever, brings thoughts in the hands of the soul, it will connect itself with the God soul, then naturally, the power flows towards you, where you do not fear, where you do not lose, where there is no sadness or any sickness.  But for this to happen, clear the soul of all thoughts and make it silent. Would you be able to do that? "

"Yes, sure, we'll try our level best, Rafael,  that's a promise. " All nodded.

Until then, take care and be happy.


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