Friday, May 24, 2013

The One Thing We Have No Control

"Rafael, its easy to say to find what we are comfortable with. But in practice it is difficult. Even though if we go about finding it, we feel bored by searching from one activity to the next and before long we will know, its no use and we become losers."

"Hmmm that's too bad, I thought you guys had some punk in you. I thought you were go getters and not sit and complain all the time."

"We are go getters for sure Rafael, but this is a life situation, we can't waste the whole time testing what we are comfortable at."

"OK so you people are serious,  that's good, but there is one thing, we have no control, even though if its life or death situation, there is a back pulling factor."

"What is it Rafael?"

"Its time."

"That was what we were saying."

"ou were saying about the earlier the better and save time, but I was meaning another time, which means, whatever is happening to us or what shouldhappen to us, has a prescribed or  predestined time, we cannot change, even if it is a life and death situation."

"But how is that possible?"

"f you look at nature you will know, night comes at a specific time and day comes at another time, rain comes in one season and summer in another,  there is always a time, to sow and we wait for some time to help the plant grow and bear fruit, then we wait again for some more time, to get the fruit ready for harvest. Its all preplanned children, we have no choice there. So even if you decide to find what talent you have, it will come out only when the predestined time arrives, until then we would be in the dark, not knowing, we are the masters of a trade."

"But Rafael, that's so unfair."

"Yes that is where the parents, teachers and elders play a role."

"Really? How?"

"The have experience of life and they would know by seeing your way of behaviour, in which activity you would excel. You know, I happened to be travelling with one of my friends, who was a mechanical engineer in a taxi, after 5 minutes of travel, he started to speak to the driver, who happened to be the owner of the car, the problems, the car was facing and the time span, within which it should be rectified or else, it would be useful to the khabhadiwala and not for the roads. And it was true because I was of the same locality, I met this driver several times a week, he was saying, ' was lucky to have that engineer in my car or else, I would have gone bankrupt."

"What does this has to with talent, Rafael? Why do you this to us."

"As you said its not possible to try all activities to find our inner talent, but we should have the patience and the heart to hear what the elders have to say to us, because like the engineer they are a store house of information and experiences. Once I went for a wedding, which my friend was the chef. Since  I wanted to meet him for some other matter, I thought I'll drop in his work place. Seeing me, he let his assistant do the work and led me to the nearny chair, while we were talking, he would stop and instruct his assistants who were cooking other dishes, to put salt in this dish or soya sauce in another, after some time, I became aware that he really gave instructions without even tasting the food, how could he do that. then he replied, through smell and experience. So don't under rate our elders, that is the only way we can save our time, by the time our talent gets ready to sprout on us, we would be well prepared with th ground work, with the help of our elders parents and teachers, then we can be the star of our own lives, be peaceful and contented with our own selves."

"That's wonderful isn't it Rafael? Now we have really conquered time or is it controlled time?"

"Yes it is, but look at all the strings attached to make ourselves wonderful, to control time? To the point,  the first thing have patience and the next thing, respect elders, no matter, whether its difficult to digest or swallow the way they behave to you, just believe  they have a route map to our success and they too are taking their time for us, that means, they are not mean to us, they have just become tough with age and experience, that's all. So bear with them. Will you be able to at least try to follow, what I have told?"

"Sure, we will try Rafael"

"Good, now its time to leave, we will meet tomorrow." All nodded.

Until then, take care, bye


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